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It’s not racism, stupid

By Andrew L. Urban. Those who accused Bill Leak of racism over his August 4, 2016 indigenous policeman, father & son cartoon and see racism in Pauline Hanson’s policies on migration make the same mistake; they reach for their racism … Continue reading

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Only 22 terrorists?

By Andrew L Urban. The usual suspects have derided Immigration Minister Peter Dutton this week (November 23, 2016) for pointing out that mistakes in immigration polices can have long term negative consequences, citing the Malcolm Fraser folly of 1976. That … Continue reading

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Trump = end of the world in German

Der Spiegel cover, November 12, 2016 Imagine if Der Spiegel went over the top about the Trump victory ..

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Fish identifying as dog – the new paradigm

With Bono named Woman of the Year by Glamour magazine (November 2016), the world of social engineering has reached the climax of gender politics. In Australia, school children are being urged to imagine themselves without genitals – or genitals that … Continue reading

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State agencies gone rogue

By Andrew L. Urban. It is welcome that reforms are now (November 15, 2016) planned for both the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) and the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC); perhaps they will be reformed to be more acceptable … Continue reading

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The cartoon that sunk Australia’s ship of fools

By Andrew L. Urban. Australia’s cultural descent has accelerated. Only last year Barry Humphries was moved to remark that Australia had become a puritanical society. What a turn-around. “We think we live in a liberated age but we don’t really … Continue reading

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Fact-fluidity the new journalism

By Andrew L. Urban. Gender-fluidity leads to fact-fluidity, it seems, and as gender fluid floods the schools (that are safe), so fact-fluidity is being introduced into our profession like a virus, direct from the University of Columbia Journalism Review distributed … Continue reading

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