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Take from terrorists what they care about

Andrew L. Urban Home grown terrorists in the West are difficult to detect and suppress. Many jihadists welcome death as martyrdom, leaving security forces without a practical threat. So what leverage do we have? Could a US Red Beret, Terry … Continue reading

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What voters look forward to in the SSM debate

By Andrew L. Urban. 1 – Voters are looking forward to Labour’s Shadow Attorney General becoming more familiar with the law. Marriage ‘equality’ as far as equality at law is concerned was achieved decades ago, as the Shadow Attorney General … Continue reading

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Faking the temperature

By Andrew L. Urban. Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) is in hot water after revelations that have cast doubt on the reliability and veracity of its temperature recording. But the problem of unreliable temperature measurements is global and historic, some … Continue reading

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Inequality is the human condition, Bill

By Andrew L. Urban Whaddaya mean by ‘tackling inequality’, Bill? Don’t you know that inequality is built into the human condition? You can’t wish it away, spend it away or tax it away. “The current tax system isn’t fair,” you … Continue reading

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