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ICAC & Berejiklian: lose & lose (so do we)

Andrew L. Urban “Two powerful cultures, legal and political, clashed when former NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian took the stand at the Independent Commission Against Corruption last week and on Monday. The outcome did the participants little credit.” That’s how The … Continue reading

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Will we all kneel?

Andrew L. Urban If test cricketers (eg Quinton de Kok the other day) can be compelled to ‘take the knee’ by their employer in order to demonstrate their political solidarity with a Marxist remit masquerading as an anti racist signal … Continue reading

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The fact check we have to have

Andrew L. Urban There is no relationship between lockdowns and virus control (eg, 35 studies reported in December 2020, in American Institute for Economic Research). Despite this science-driven medical information, our governments persisted. And how some persisted! Curfews have no … Continue reading

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West must disown Big Brother

Andrew L. Urban The YouTube accounts of Sky News and The Spectator Australia have been suspended – and it doesn’t matter why. Irrespective of why, it is from the playbook of how to silence political opposition and dupe, control, manipulate … Continue reading

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Why we are stuck with junk science for political solutions

Andrew L. Urban On learning about the extension to Sydney’s lockdown until the end of July, my mind broiled with one big question: how come? A day later, while browsing the various news sources I frequent, news of Victoria’s latest … Continue reading

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Truth on social media – Geoffrey Robertson is keen

Andrew L. Urban It’s a wonderful idea as espoused by high profile human rights lawyer Geoffrey Robertson on Sharri (Sky News, Sunday, 4 July, 2021): comments on social media (eg facebook) should be assessed by a select, independent and authoritative … Continue reading

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Availability entrepreneurs ruin everything

Andrew L. Urban An availability cascade is a self-reinforcing process of collective belief formation that triggers a self-perpetuating chain reaction: the more attention a danger gets, the more worried people become, leading to more news coverage and greater alarm. Because slowly increasing … Continue reading

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Stream of consciousness & a mysterious rejection

One of the advantages of the digital age is the ability of newspaper readers to interact with the medium and the journalist by way of moderated comments. I do this a lot. But the other day, a comment was mysteriously … Continue reading

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Journalist takes VicPol to court

Andrew L. Urban. It’s the ‘man bites dog’ story of our times: Rebel News journalist Avi Yemeni is taking Victoria Police to the High Court (no less) as agents of the State of Victoria, for unlawful arrest. “Police claim they … Continue reading

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Covid ordeal by incompetence in science

Andrew L. Urban Stop testing for Covid immediately, says experienced UK virus specialist researcher and consultant Dr Mike Yeadon. In a 32 minute expose, he explains the folly of how the UK (and other countries) have effectively misdiagnosed the nature … Continue reading

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