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UN turns blind eye to Nazi sympathisers at UNRWA – so does Australia

Beyond the Textbooks, a report by UN Watch, has exposed how UNRWA teachers incite Arab Palestinian children to antisemitism and terrorism, prompting the Australian Jewish Association (AJA) to call for the suspension of aid to UNRWA – for the second … Continue reading

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West must disown Big Brother

Andrew L. Urban The YouTube accounts of Sky News and The Spectator Australia have been suspended – and it doesn’t matter why. Irrespective of why, it is from the playbook of how to silence political opposition and dupe, control, manipulate … Continue reading

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Judicial Impartiality – needs work, report shows

Andrew L. Urban. The majority of Australians (82%) don’t trust judges’ impartiality, according to the Menzies Research Centre’s (MRC) submission on Judicial Impartiality to the Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC), which was tasked with examining the subject by former Attorney … Continue reading

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Why we are stuck with junk science for political solutions

Andrew L. Urban On learning about the extension to Sydney’s lockdown until the end of July, my mind broiled with one big question: how come? A day later, while browsing the various news sources I frequent, news of Victoria’s latest … Continue reading

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Kill Jews – the summer camp musical

Andrew L. Urban Lights, music … and guns, as dozens of school children armed with assault weapons enact a choreographed assault against imaginary Jews in an arena filled with many hundreds of spectators, comprising their parents, teachers and jihadists. The … Continue reading

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What keeps President Xi awake at night?

Andrew L. Urban Australia has earned the international community’s respect – and got China’s attention – with our highly visible resistance to China’s bullying tactics. As for Taiwan … most China experts and commentators are worried, anticipating an armed invasion. … Continue reading

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Truth on social media – Geoffrey Robertson is keen

Andrew L. Urban It’s a wonderful idea as espoused by high profile human rights lawyer Geoffrey Robertson on Sharri (Sky News, Sunday, 4 July, 2021): comments on social media (eg facebook) should be assessed by a select, independent and authoritative … Continue reading

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CCP’s ‘Sintenery’ of death, destruction, oppression and fear

Andrew L. Urban The more the amoral Chinese Communist Party parades its robotic army, its tanks and its missiles in celebrating this week’s centenary of its founding, the less confident is the regime, the more brutal its stranglehold has to … Continue reading

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Find the CO2

Andrew L. Urban Man made carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere is responsible for catastrophic climate change, according to climate alarmists. We must stop ‘polluting’ the atmosphere with it. The accompanying pie chart vividly lays bare the hollow absurdity of … Continue reading

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How we flag our racial prejudice

Andrew L. Urban Australia is a systematically and institutionally racist country; that is the story peddled by the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC ) at last week’s Senate Committee hearings. Well, yes, that must explain why the Aboriginal flag is … Continue reading

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