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Why Noor bin Ladin urges ‘vote for Trump’

In a passionate Letter to America, the niece of Osama bin Laden sets out a coherent and compelling case for an America led by Donald Trump. She writes because she is “heartbroken to see how an entire generation was successfully … Continue reading

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Pandemic panic perverts politics

Andrew L. Urban The Wuhan virus aka Covid19 has panicked Western leaders (not all, but most) into behaving irrationally and dishonestly. Australia, so lightly touched by the virus, has been especially poorly served by a panicked political class, an incompetent … Continue reading

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Anna and The Fly – a parable for our times

Andrew L. Urban Once upon a time there was a girl called Anna, who lived in a lovely sunny house with a view of fields, forests and the sea. All was well in her family house, furnished with many lovely … Continue reading

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Fact checking Google on a revolution

Andrew L. Urban. Apart from the self contradiction in one sentence to the next, the unsourced statement on a Google page for the Hungarian Revolution, that the US requested but was refused freedom of passage through Austria is a total … Continue reading

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Public register would expose wrongfully convicted

As controversial as this view may be, I urge great caution in lobbying for the currently proposed national public – public! – register of convicted child sex offenders – whom I abhor as much as everyone. We should be deeply … Continue reading

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On mercy and cancel culture – by Nick Cave

Musician, song writer, performer and enigmatic Australian, Nick Cave’s compassionate, enlightened and moving words from the latest edition of his Red Hand Files blog deserve – nay, demand – sharing. This is an edited extract from his reply to the … Continue reading

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Dense is as dense does

Andrew L. Urban How dense do you have to be to misunderstand Johannes Leake’s cartoon of Joe Biden with Kamala Harris? (The Australian, August 14, 2020) And how uninformed, especially if you are in the media or politics? It was … Continue reading

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The Woke Brigade janitor has a million eyes

Andrew L. Urban The elderly woman in the ground floor flat was the janitor of the apartment block and an informant for the party, the only political party permitted to function: the Communist Party. Everyone in the block knew it, … Continue reading

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Yeonmi Park escaped hell on earth – millions have not

One Young World Ambassador Yeonmi Park’s emotional┬áspeech at the One Young World Summit 2014 in Dublin has found renewed attention online. Yeonmi’s video, in which she details her harrowing escape from North Korea, was republished on the ‘Higher Perspective’ Facebook … Continue reading

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A pigment of their imagination

Andrew L. Urban “Burn the place down!” screams the angry young Aboriginal woman on the TV * screen (in a blue dress and in high heels, after a fake attempt at defecating on stage), in a frenzy of hatred for … Continue reading

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