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The Woke Brigade janitor has a million eyes

Andrew L. Urban The elderly woman in the ground floor flat was the janitor of the apartment block and an informant for the party, the only political party permitted to function: the Communist Party. Everyone in the block knew it, … Continue reading

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Yeonmi Park escaped hell on earth – millions have not

One Young World Ambassador Yeonmi Park’s emotional speech at the One Young World Summit 2014 in Dublin has found renewed attention online. Yeonmi’s video, in which she details her harrowing escape from North Korea, was republished on the ‘Higher Perspective’ Facebook … Continue reading

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A pigment of their imagination

Andrew L. Urban “Burn the place down!” screams the angry young Aboriginal woman on the TV * screen (in a blue dress and in high heels, after a fake attempt at defecating on stage), in a frenzy of hatred for … Continue reading

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Brutal history or brutal present?

Andrew L. Urban As the Black Lives Matter mantra sweeps the world, there is a view held by some that that there is no doubt African-Americans are seriously dis­advantaged, and that this dis­advantage arises from the brutal history their forebears … Continue reading

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China desperate to keep out of Tiananmen Square

Andrew L. Urban China’s Communist Party fears a democracy movement arising from its own people far more than it fears any Western commentary. The more afraid of such a break out, the tougher its repressions, notably in Hong Kong, which … Continue reading

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Clinging to the science that isn’t there

Andrew L. Urban. So many alarmists, so few truths. They cling to the man-made climate warming mantra that ‘The Science” is unequivocal and settled, with some commentators and activists trying to contrast the global response to the coronavirus with the … Continue reading

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Not all abortions are equal

Andrew L. Urban Legal, safe and rare … or never, never, never? Abortion is and always has been a divisive issue largely because it is posited in absolutist terms. The subject – ever current – is always over-heated and always … Continue reading

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Wisdom at Railway Square

Andrew L. Urban The incongruity made as much of an impact as the poster itself, on a wall along a few other posters in bustling Railway Square, one of Sydney’s least attractive environs. But I was most impressed with the … Continue reading

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Botched coup butchers Democrats

Andrew L. Urban. The botched attempt at a coup against US President Donald Trump by the Democrats (and their anti-Trump supporters within the organs of the state) has become a grotesque nightmare for America. Born illegitimately without the vote required … Continue reading

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Fluid factism grips the world

Andrew L. Urban For holiday reading I dived into non-fiction books filled with facts and hard evidence (cod, salt, volcanoes, earthquakes), to escape the woke fictions of today’s irrational world. Sex is fluid, climate science is wrangled to support opposing … Continue reading

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