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How we fool ourselves: scientific consensus building

Judith Curry* “Like a magnetic field that pulls iron filings into alignment, a powerful cultural belief is aligning multiple sources of scientific bias in the same direction,” says policy scientist Daniel Sarewitz. Statistician Regina Nuzzo summarizes the problem. “This is … Continue reading

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Biden does a Merkel … oooops

Andrew L. Urban In 2015, Angela Merkel opened her heart – and Europe’s borders – to all comers wanting refuge and/or a better life from effectively anyone living East/South East of Germany. Over a million surged towards the country that … Continue reading

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Democracy needs the power of truth

Andrew L. Urban Information is power – and democracy needs the power of truth to fight the onslaught of authoritarian urges and ruling orthodoxies, such as the fanatical global warming aka climate change movement. Media has collectively failed democracies in … Continue reading

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Stream of consciousness & a mysterious rejection

One of the advantages of the digital age is the ability of newspaper readers to interact with the medium and the journalist by way of moderated comments. I do this a lot. But the other day, a comment was mysteriously … Continue reading

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Obama’s Coup

Andrew L. Urban In his riveting but deeply disturbing new book, The Permanent Coup: How Enemies Foreign and Domestic Targeted the American President (Center Street Hachette) investigative journalist and author Lee Smith reveals everything you didn’t know, couldn’t know but … Continue reading

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Japan tells Myanmar junta to restore democracy

Japan has issued its strongest condemnation of the Myanmar military coup, urging the military to “swiftly restore the country’s democratic political system”, as Canada and the UK joined the US in announcing targeted sanctions against the coup leaders. Japanese Foreign … Continue reading

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Poland to outlaw Big Tech’s ideological censorship

New laws proposed by Poland could implement massive fines for tech giants who censor users or remove posts for ideological reasons, according to the country’s Deputy Minister of Justice Sebastian Kaleta, the architect of the new law.  Kaleta said on Fox News … Continue reading

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Marxism is so yesterday

Andrew L. Urban Marxism is so yesterday. Still, the old political ideology is regurgitated by the likes of today’s BLM. Baby Karl Marx came into this world 282 years ago (1818). He died at age 65 (1883), 138 years ago … Continue reading

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What does this latest ‘climate emergency’ look like?

Andrew L. Urban It is a wonder of the modern world how climate alarmists can still conjure up a climate emergency in 2021 after 30 years of climate emergency, predicated on fossil fuels like carbon dioxide warming the planet – … Continue reading

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Climate change the facts 2020 – bad science = bad policy

Andrew L. Urban While bad science and bad public policy may be overturned in a democracy in the long run, they can inflict a great deal of harm in the short term, as authors of one of the key chapters … Continue reading

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