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The real reason behind our climate and energy policies – Malcolm Roberts

In a video speech of less than 11 minutes, at the 2023 Climate and Energy Forum held on February 2, 2023, in Sydney, Queensland Senator Malcolm Roberts kicked the science crutch out from under the political imperative of the damaging … Continue reading

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Democracy or Minocracy?

Andrew L. Urban If democracy is defined by majority rule, Australia is not a democracy; it’s a minocracy. The current Labour Government attracted less than 33% of the primary vote nationally at the 2022 election, the lowest since 1934. While … Continue reading

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Australia’s right to be intolerant of intolerance

Andrew L. Urban Why is Australian democracy so overly, dangerously tolerant as to seem craven and weak, as it watches the ignorant aggro of a member of the Senate who has declared that “This is war!” against Australian society. She, … Continue reading

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Don’t be shy, Ukraine … give up v Tanks are coming (soonish)

Andrew L. Urban  A reflection of the West’s confusion over how to proceed against Russia in Ukraine is perfectly illustrated by a commentary from The Australian’s Washington Correspondent Adam Creighton and the paper’s contrasting editorial in today’s paper. Australians call … Continue reading

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Voice adding to hubbub?

Andrew L. Urban Perhaps cynically, I am delighted that the PM is making such a hash of the discussions in public about the proposed Voice referendum. He and others, I might add, like the erstwhile Attorney-General reading out Linda Burney’s … Continue reading

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CO2 emissions the ultimate straw man

Andrew L. Urban As the inevitably painful consequences of unfounded climate alarmism hit home with our very own energy crisis, Australians are entitled to point to our massive reserves of oil and coal and gas (and yes, uranium) and ask … Continue reading

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A belligerent Voice?

Andrew L. Urban The Nationals ain’t black … they’re not voting for the Voice. Remember when Joe Biden quipped in a 2020 election campaign TV interview, “If you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black…’? (Black dude’s jive accent ‘n … Continue reading

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After Biden beat Obama …

Andrew L. Urban Now that Donald Trump has declared his candidacy for the US presidency in the 2024 election, it is relevant to see how Joe Biden broke Barack Obama’s heart on the way to having secured more votes than … Continue reading

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Confessions of a 10 year old revolutionary

Andrew L. Urban As a 10 year old young ‘pioneer’ in communist controlled Hungary, I hated the red kerchief I was forced to wear under threat of my family’s safety. Every youngster was a ‘pioneer’ – the pathetic but compulsory … Continue reading

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Emission reductions pointless – new book shows

What if you were told that all efforts at emission reduction were totally pointless – because those emissions have nothing to do with global warming? And what if you were told that this information is not revolutionary, but is well … Continue reading

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