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Nuclear weapons are not like hand guns

Andrew L. Urban Western leaders shrivelled in the face of an undefined threat of escalation by Vladimir Putin, as they tried to tailor their military assistance to Ukraine according to whatever Putin found acceptable. He has nukes! Yes, he has … Continue reading

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Don’t just stand there…

Andrew L. Urban The 1994 Budapest Memorandum , states that “Taking into account the commitment of Ukraine to eliminate all nuclear weapons from its territory within a specified period of time” ..the following is agreed: “Article 4. The United States … Continue reading

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Capitulation complete

Andrew L. Urban It cannot be any clearer: 141 countries of the world have condemned Russia for its invasion of Ukraine as illegitimate in a vote at the UN General Assembly. And all 141 countries have done nothing to stop … Continue reading

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Kyiv falls: then what?

Andrew L. Urban Taking control of Kyiv is one thing. Taking control of the entire country quite another. But even if Putin wins the invasion of Ukraine, Russia will still not be the grand old Soviet-style empire of which Putin … Continue reading

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Thugs “R” Us

Thugs “R” Us Andrew L. Urban The meeting in Moscow was kept secret. The Soviet leadership had agreed to a low key exchange of views with one of the private policy advisers of the UK’s then Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. … Continue reading

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The Madness of Crowds expands and continues

The Madness of Crowds expands and continues  Douglas Murray’s The Madness of Crowds, is a masterfully argued and fiercely provocative book, in which he seeks to inject some sense into the discussion around this generation’s most complicated issues. He ends … Continue reading

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Green Murder – Plimer throws the (science) book at climate alarmists

Andrew L. Urban It runs to almost 600 pages and weighs 2kg. There’s no ducking acclaimed geologist Ian Plimer’s latest book of scholarship, Green Murder, ridiculing climate alarmists with scientific facts, calling their alarmism a murder threat. The facts are … Continue reading

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Democracy damns you and thanks you, Premier Dan-gerous Andrews

Andrew L. Urban Thank you Premier Daniel Andrews for shaking Victorians – and Australians everywhere – out of the tolerance, complacency and stupor of comfortable democracy, crowning your previous undemocratic actions with your anti-democratic Public Health and Wellbeing Amendment Act 2021. … Continue reading

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Lobotomised by propaganda

Andrew L. Urban Boris Johnson at COP26 declared the climate change time to be ‘one minute to midnight’. I can’t wait to hear him at COP27; will it be 59 seconds to midnight? Or just one second…? It has been … Continue reading

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The shame under the blanket

Andrew L. Urban What a tragic shame that so much energy, time, resources and opportunities to really improve the lives of millions is wasted on trying to fix a non existent problem, represented by those fattened at COP26 in Glasgow, … Continue reading

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