Arrest that man

Andrew L. Urban

That young woman, a student at some US college, screaming and banging a metal pot on a metal barricade reminded me of me at age three, screaming and banging on the door of the bathroom where my mother had locked me in for misbehaving. If you haven’t seen it on news footage, don’t bother; it’s really annoying. (I don’t mean me…)

It was not the first or only time I found the news of campus screaming and banging on about the genocide – you know, the one being committed by Israel’s defence forces in Gaza. Surely you know about that… Every time I hear one of their chants I am reminded of a kindi. This was especially so when I saw the kindi teacher aka actress Susan Sarandon lead a series of chants for a group of students.

The chants must rhyme and they must be childishly simplistic and irrational. I say all this to make the point that the wave of mindlessly antisemitic but what the media lazily calls pro-Palestinian protests are encouraged, led and funded by adults who do know what they are doing. The children go along with it, well before they know what it is they are going along with. But you know that. Street interviews have shown it.

They’ve set up camp on campus, barricaded themselves and copied each other … just as children do.

As Sky News’ Chris Kenny demonstrated when he walked into the ‘encampment’ at Sydney University last week, the uni student children don’t want to engage, discuss or even speak to anyone other than each other. The tantrum is self propelling. But not self funding ….

It is only after weeks of the screaming and banging that the mainstream media is beginning to realise that, hey, all those identical little tents…they must be purchased by someone or some organisation. George Soros has been mentioned. Soros, that interfering Hungarian money bag … And there are others, such as perhaps the ‘communist’ and ‘socialist’ organisations, here and elsewhere.

As a Hungarian born dissenter against communism, this is especially disturbing to me. Soros has for long tainted Hungary’s character and used his money to do no good … allegedly. Like funding the campaigns of far left prosecutors in the US, whose mission is far from the pursuit of justice, but the undemocratic destruction of Republicans. His son is apparently taking over while the old man slips into his dotage, and the son is well indoctrinated. Funding for the tantrums is secured.

In Hungarian, Soros is an áruló – a traitor. My maternal grandfather, Lajos Vujkovics, head of counter-espionage before the war, would have had him arrested.

Dr Lajos Vujkovics







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