Serves you right, Democrats

Andrew L. Urban

Today’s Democrats are too stupid to be trusted with the powers of the Presidency.

 The dumb bell started ringing with Democrat-adjacent MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow; as soon as the US Supreme Court 6:3 decision outlining Presidential immunity was released, she screeched “This is a death squad ruling!” She – and a host of other hosts – think the ruling permits the US President to order assassinations against their political opponents. Although easy to dismiss this as projection of their wishful thinking, the fact that a Supreme Court Justice is also so blinded by bias is much more troubling. It’s not just stupid, it’s irresponsible.

Dissenting liberal Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor reeled off a few hypothetical crimes that she claimed could now be committed with immunity by a President, including ordering Seal Team 6 assassinations. She seems to have a fevered dream, a hysterical fantasy that Trump would declare “Today America…tomorrow ze vorld!” Doesn’t she know that the armed forces could never carry out an unlawful command?

A military coup to hold onto power, she added for good measure ….or assassinate the Bidens on a foreign trip, chimed in Joy Reid, another MSNBC host. Commentators on other lefty outlets said similarly idiotic things. The Supreme Court’s immunity ruling came less than a week after President Joe Biden’s humiliating performance in his debate against Donald Trump, as the left was in the midst of a panic attack. Their compounding stupidity was being exposed. Those in the media and public who had been watching Biden’s mental decline for a year or two were not surprised, but the Democrat establishment was horrified … that now everyone knew what they knew but had denied.

As the Biden charade was unravelling and even the New York Times called for Biden to quit, the self-harming idiocy of the Democrat machine suddenly loomed out of the fog: Kamala Harris. Acclaimed historian Niall Ferguson sets the scene: “The Democratic Party finds itself the prisoner of the fateful decision to make Kamala Harris Biden’s running mate, despite her manifest unsuitability to occupy the office of president. This mistake was in large measure Biden’s for personal as well as political reasons (she was close to his deceased son, Beau; it was African American voters who won Biden the South Carolina primary).

But why did the hierarchy go along with Harris’s nomination? Partly because of the habitual disdain with which political professionals regard the office of vice president, and partly because the wealthy donor class personified by Penny Pritzker—billionaire heiress, Chicago Democrat, head of the Harvard Corporation—has become addicted to the phrase the first woman of color ever to hold the office of [fill in the blank]. Vice President Harris and Claudine Gay, the former president of Harvard, are just two examples of the people thus elevated and the problems thus created.”

The gods of politics are now exacting their revenge on the Democrats, heaping the SCOTUS immunity ruling, bringing down the lawfare against Trump and Biden exposing the naked truth about his mental decline … all at the same time. Serves you right, Democrats.

So the June 27 debacle …the debate, was the culmination of years of chicanery by the Democrats and their proxies, from the despicable Russia hoax onward. One high point of this massive anti-Trump campaign was the shoehorning at the 2020 election, which many still maintain was fair dinkum. More of us maintain it was bunkum. Voter Fraud 1.0 was characterised by mysterious vote count surges in a handful of states. I’ve laid out examples previously, eg last November 

Which brings me to the main point of this article: how the Democrats will execute Voter Fraud 2.0 in the 2024 election as the end point of the illigration campaign.

All those millions of illegal migrants – ‘undocumented aliens’ as preferred by the sensitive left – have a job to do. Vote for Joe. No, it’s not legal. And no, most won’t do it. But the Democrats don’t need most. They just need a few thousand. Imagine … this sliver of hope will be recruited by teams of Democrat footsoldiers offering how-to advice plus prizes and inducements to some poor struggling newly arrived criminals from somewhere else. If they weren’t criminals before crossing the border, they are now.

Johannes Leak in The Australian, July 3, 2024

Ballotpedia states “As of April 2024, 35 states required voters to present identification in order to vote at the polls on Election Day. Of these states, 24 required voters to present identification containing a photograph, and 11 accepted other forms of identification. The remaining 16 states did not require voters to present identification in order to vote at the polls on Election Day.”

My firm belief is that Biden (prompted by the Democrat muscle) stood firm on keeping the border open to ensure there were plenty of illigrants surplus to requirements to facilitate vote harvesting – and not have to do midnight stacking or ‘special’ ballot harvesting. They must prevail; a Trump presidency is an existential threat to the entrenched political class.

Ferguson puts it best: “After all the cynical lawfare they have waged against Trump, the Donorcrats simply dread the tables being turned on them, as they threaten to be if he wins and purges the Department of Justice of its “critical core of personnel. . .  infatuated with the perpetuation of a radical liberal agenda…”

I have yet to hear a credible alternative rationale for the open border policy that has drawn an estimated 20 million illegal migrants into America since Biden first sat down at the Resolute Desk. They can’t all be fruit pickers …



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