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Complicit in our own destruction

By Andrew L. Urban. In Australia, the historical welcome mat which is put out for migrants has never distinguished between races, cultures or religions, viewing all comers as equally welcome, expecting – and almost always getting – a reasonable level … Continue reading

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A firm Swiss handshake

By Andrew L. Urban. Here in a nutshell is the insoluble conundrum of Muslim integration into Judeo-Christian society: two Muslim teenagers waiting to be granted citizenship in Switzerland, claim that their Islamic rules override the practiced traditions of their hosts. … Continue reading

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Trashing democracy in an election campaign

By Andrew L. Urban. On Thursday, June 30, 2016, two days before the 2016 Federal Election, Sky News Channel’s Political Editor, David Speers, hosted what was called a Focus Group discussion with 12 uncommitted voters at the suburban Rooty Hill … Continue reading

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