Complicit in our own destruction

By Andrew L. Urban.

In Australia, the historical welcome mat which is put out for migrants has never distinguished between races, cultures or religions, viewing all comers as equally welcome, expecting – and almost always getting – a reasonable level of acceptance by the historically white, Anglo Saxon settlers with their Judeo-Christian culture. What Australia did not foresee was that the culture of Islam brought with it the seeds of social disruption and potential destruction.

In the 2011 Australian census, Muslims made up about 476,000 of the population.

Our lived experience suggests that any one of the 476,000 Muslims could be or could become (and did become) a terrorist; there is no uniform or badge that identifies a would be terrorist, not until the last minute they wave an ISIS flag and scream allegiance to Allah. Hundreds have joined ISIS to fight in jihad, for example, and our security forces were unable to pre-empt their decision.

There is a contrast between the official line (echoed by too many commentators) which plays down the connection between Islam and violent terrorism, and the rest of the community – which does make that connection and is financing a vast network of Islamic activity.

Australian taxpayers subsidise some 166 Islamic community & charity groups, from the Islamic Guidance Society of Australia in Melbourne and the Islamic Council of NSW to Muslim Funeral Services in Brisbane and Canberra Islamic Centre. They also subsidise Islamic schools, without supervision of the curriculum actually taught. The Malek Fahd Islamic School was stripped of its $20 million ($20 million!) in funding in April 2016, after a review found evidence of financial mismanagement. The future of the school, which was built on land using a $12 million gift from then-King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, now hangs in the balance.

The Islamic School of Canberra, which caters to 217 students, was also due to have its funding withdrawn on April 8 but has been granted extra time to apply for an internal review. It could lose $1 million in government funding.

Imams in the 340 mosques around Australia are more or less free to radicalise young Muslims, who we only learn about when they appear in an ISIS video with swords and guns in their hands – or worse.

Islam has given birth to monsters, as French Muslim philosopher Abdennour Bidar put it in an open letter to the Muslim world, first published in October 2014 in Marianne, a French publication. ‘The root of this evil that today steals your face is within yourself; the monster emerged from within you. And other monsters, some even worse, will emerge as well, as long as you refuse to acknowledge your sickness and to finally tackle the root of this evil!”

He scorns those who blame the West: “Could all this be the fault of the West? How much precious time will you lose, dear Muslim world, with this stupid accusation that you yourself no longer believe, and behind which you hide so that you can continue to lie to yourself?”

But it is true that much of the West is complicit in its own destruction by a combination of appeasement-and-denial, lack of will to confront Islamic barbarity by slipping over it the veil of protected religion, continued financial support for Islamic culture – and the impossibility of filtering out violent members of the resident Muslim community. It’s as if Western tolerance and generosity is encouraging the very acts that will tear apart its cities and communities and inflame the populace. Some will undoubtedly rise up in anger. Vigilantism is now a real possibility given that the state is incapable of preventing terrorist attacks – around Europe (eg France, Belgium, Turkey) and the US.

On July 14, 2016, Jihad Watch published a piece by Christine Williams titled ‘The error of blaming right-wing extremism as much as Islamic jihad’.

It begins: ‘The head of France’s intelligence agency, Patrick Calvar, is urging his government to begin surveillance of “far-right” organisations, warning “the country could be on the verge of civil war thanks to public unrest over the handling of Islamic terrorism.” The “handling” of terrorism by leftists is the most critical key here, along with the protection of jihadists by the mainstream media through its ongoing cover up of crimes due to political correctness. The only real Western phobia that exists with regards to Muslims is the psychotic fear of reprisals for justifiably criticizing Islam. Yet the way “Islamophobia” is forced upon us is balderdash, intended to beat up critics. There exists no irrational fear of Muslims based on their religion, but only rational fear based on the danger that jihad poses to all Westerners.’

Here in a nutshell Williams pinpoints both the real danger of social upheaval as bad as civil war, and some of the causes of it: the inability of government to lead the public with rational, observable facts to the conclusion that Islam is the trigger for the existential threat facing countries such as France, with its 5 million Muslims. Countries such as France meaning countries whose historic welcoming of Muslim migrants is now the source of that existential threat.

“All of Europe is in danger of rising extremism so we are, domestically, trying to put in place the resources to watch far right groups who are waiting for confrontation,” Calvar told Parliamentarians. Is it really only ‘far right groups’ who feel that way? You don’t have to be ‘far right’ to be deeply concerned. Muslim terrorists do not actually target what are called far right groups.

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