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Donald Trump v the media – who farted?

By Andrew L. Urban. “Trump dominates the news cycle like a fart dominates the interior of a Volkswagen Beetle,” quipped John Oliver, host of HBO show Last Week Tonight, as reported in The Guardian (February 20, 2017). The story went … Continue reading

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Australia in ten years time

Written in August 2016, this is Andrew L. Urban’s fantasy – part mischief, part wishful thinking – and his unsuccessful entry in The Spectator Australia’s Thawley Prize. Read ‘Mulga Creek Farm, Sept 15, 2026‘, the terrific winner by Trevor Watkin. … Continue reading

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Renewables: stupid is as stupid does

By Andrew L. Urban. Recent (and frequent) power failures and ever increasing renewable energy targets by Labour States makes it seem like Australia is rushing to be declared the world’s stupidest lucky country. How much CO2 is there in the … Continue reading

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