Renewables: stupid is as stupid does

By Andrew L. Urban.

Recent (and frequent) power failures and ever increasing renewable energy targets by Labour States makes it seem like Australia is rushing to be declared the world’s stupidest lucky country.

How much CO2 is there in the atmosphere?

440 ppm or 0.04% of all elements

How much of that CO2 is Australia pouring into the atmosphere?

1.3% (of 0.04% of the total).

How much does CO2 contribute to global warming?


Why has there been no increase in average global temperatures over the past 20 years despite steady growth in CO2 emissions?


How will the billions of dollars spent by Australian governments and agencies on renewable energy programs reduce global temperatures?

Unknown – and unmeasurable.

On what scientific or cost benefit basis are Australian Governments (Federal and State) massive and expensive renewable energy policies built?


How stupid is that?


First published in The Spectator Australia, February 9, 2017


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