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Democracy is not a la carte

By Andrew L. Urban. In Australia, the new ACTU boss Sally McManus believes that unions can and should break any law they feel is unjust. In America, several cities – the so called sanctuary cities – defy Federal law and … Continue reading

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Companies in moral selectivity web

By Andrew L. Urban When companies come out of the social closet on issues such as same sex marriage or climb on board the diversity band wagon, or withdraw advertising from media in response to, say, a celebrated news anchor … Continue reading

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Wrong question, wrong answer

By Andrew L. Urban. Not quite right, Nicola Wright: in The Spectator Australia (April 8, 2017) you write: “Opponents of 18C reform …. Bill Shorten and Anne Aly … asked the Coalition the fatuous question: ‘what insult do they want … Continue reading

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Hungary’s upcoming national consultation

By Andrew L. Urban. “Here we go again. A new ‘national consultation’ is under way,” writes Eva S. Balogh on her blog (April 3, 2017) about Hungary’s upcoming national consultation, ‘Let’s stop Brussels!’ The tone of her article remains cynical … Continue reading

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The Madness

By Andrew L. Urban. The Madness in summary: The original brief from policymakers (UNFCCC): look into dangerous man made causes of global warming: budget is large. The outcome from IPCC climate scientists: yeah, we think man-made CO2 emissions cause global … Continue reading

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Debunked: climate hypothesis elevated to ruling theory

By Andrew L. Urban. Even as President Donald Trump was rescinding Obama era climate policies last week, respected and disenchanted climate scientist, Dr Judith Curry, was giving evidence to the US Congress as to why climate science has failed public … Continue reading

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