Why the West is lost

By Andrew L. Urban.

The shimmering mirage of an enlightened age across the West is shattered now, and it is largely due to our society’s overly generous, tolerant and peace loving nature. I wouldn’t call it a self inflicted demise because that suggests some sort of action; it is in fact (largely) inaction that has allowed the values of the enlightenment to be crowded out by two aggressive forces acting as if in unison. Oh, there is action, too, self harm in a big way and I’ll come to that.

Internally, corrosive, long term harm has come from the superimposed values and actions of an aggressive culture derived from the crematorium of communism. It is the zombie leftist ideology, the communist undead marching for control. In other words, the ‘progressives’ (cue laugh track) are determined to be the pigs on our farm.

Externally, the attack has come via the virus of an ideology spawned in the bowels of Islam. And this curse has planted its seeds within Western culture, from Manchester to Melbourne, from Paris to Brussels, New York to Sydney. It is the deadly Alien foetus growing inside the body of our society that has turned on its host; we nurtured their religious Islamic schools to the tune of millions (not teaching our values) in the name of diversity and multiculti laissez faire. And faire they do.

We nice, considerate people of liberal Democratic bent, keep giving up our seats on the train to a genuine liberal life to these impostors. We have let them all shout us down or blow us up, managing in response to scowl, weep, hold vigils and wring our hands … while we still have them.

As to self harm: there are useful idiots – useful to them, not us – who, curiously, espouse the basic Christian values of turning the other cheek when the first one is smitten by the sword of Mohammed. Blinded to reality and genuine compassion by the pulsating, self-warming light of their own version, a misguided, impractical and harmful compassion, they advocate brotherly love for all the world’s needy – except for the actual brothers of their land. They scream insults at the racist scum who fear for the safety of their families, friends, institutions and their very lives.

How well we … no, they … have accommodated and supported the invading ideology, aka religion. There is funding for their several wives (see news reports in December 2016), for their Islamic schools (even after a $19 million cut of taxpayer money); for the Palestinians ($43 million in 2016-17) who pass on some of our money to families of suicide bombers and killers of Jews. (About 6% of the Palestinian Authority’s total budget; tens of millions of shekels each month goes to paying salaries to prisoners held in Israeli jails for security offenses and acts of terrorism against Israel — including mass murderers. The PA also pays monthly stipends to the families of suicide bombers.)

Our welfare system nurtures their hostile unemployable and unspeakable while they browse Jihad sites online … It’s like a death wish which we have refined and elevated to public policy.

Having allowed these impostors to gradually, incrementally infect our way of life and to integrate their fetid cultures with our civilised traditions, we have lost so much ground that rescue now, inevitably, requires a massive effort. It’s not so much push back we need to mount – it’s shove back.

Shove back on both fronts: against the cultural invasion by the new, crazed green/left, and against the ideological invasion by the new, crazed, Islam-quoting nihilist militants.

Shove back against the green/left means developing tactics that perhaps go against the very grain of liberal democracy and of the live and let live mentality that keeps us quiet in the face of their screeching activism. We have to take back the street. Organise, disrupt, insist on our right to speak and be heard, on our right to hold and protect all our values. For example, when a venue is threatened with activist attack for hosting a conservative speaker, debate or film, it is not enough to complain to a comment thread. Demand – by actually approaching our police (via the Commissioner or area commander) to do their duty and protect our freedom of speech. Coordinate a campaign of letters to politicians and local councils, swarm the venue in support.

Shove back against the Islam-quoting nihilist militants means, for a start, vacuuming up those who are already in our midst. So many of them, it seems. So much hate spewing forth in mosques, schools … (not much said about that kind of hate speech by the green/left). Monitoring these institutions and their communities requires not just the resources but political determination and community backing. And leadership. Hello, anybody there? Leadership requires courage, not just platitudes. Leaders who say on our behalf ‘we don’t submit’ – and act accordingly.

But there is something else crucial to be done: we in the entire West have to undermine the appeal of the nihilist ideology, thus throttling the flow of radicalised youth. Destroy the image, kill the brand. Oddly enough, it was President Donald Trump responding to the Manchester suicide bombing on May 23, 2017 who cottoned on to this when referring to such terrorists as ‘evil losers in life’. Degrade the glittering appeal of the raised sword and activate an ongoing public campaign to denigrate the Jihadist as a misfit in Islam, a coward and yes, a big loser.

And include in this campaign those trolls on twitter who attacked Trump for using the phrase. They, too, are part of the internal attack force colluding with our ideological enemies. The fools. They are also losers.

Where is the caring, civic minded corporation offering to shove back and to finance such a global campaign?

Also published in The Spectator Australia, May 27, 2017 as ‘Jihadi notes’

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