Dead Man Voting

Andrew L. Urban

Data from the official Michigan government voter index indicates that a man who died in 1984 has voted in the United States presidential elections on Nov. 3 via absentee ballot. Absentee, indeed. But this is just one of the half dozen or so irregularities that are driving Presidential doubts about the strange case of a national election that has seen Democrats lose seats in the House, face a cliffhanger in the Senate – yet win the Presidential vote. Several challenges head to the courts this week.

The official winner of the Presidential race has yet to be announced. It was the mass media, led by CNN (natch) that has crowned Joe Biden as President Elect. The Electoral College doesn’t finish voting until December 14. Which raises the question: was our PM Scott Morrison wise to so readily accept the media’s projection as a firm result, publicly welcoming Joe & Co to the world’s top job, but potentially opening himself to severe embarrassment? Did the other world leaders also fall into the trap? Was it a grave mistake? (sorry) Is the mass media attempting to bulldoze Biden into the White House, ahead of the legal challenges that are already in train?

And what a frenzied chaos would ensue if/when Trump is vindicated and he remains in the White House? Many of those elated at Biden’s win would find that so emotionally wrenching they might well turn violent – a tendency well exercised in the past four years.

In the months leading up to the election, Democrats ushered some 300 legal changes into courts across America, all aimed at removing protections for mail-in ballot voting. Over 60 million such votes were cast. Trump had always warned this was a risky business.

In the days after the election, stories are emerging about supervisors telling poll staff to backdate ballots that would otherwise be invalid. A stack of affidavits has been provided to Republicans involved in the legal fight.

A computer program glitch was found to have switched 6,000 votes from Trump to Biden in one Michigan county. The same glitch may have affected all 47 counties. Trump won the state in 2016 by his slimmest margin – just over 10,700 votes.

A dump of some 130,000 votes late one night is reported to have had only Biden’s name on them.

Poll watchers in some cities were kept too far from the counting to provide meaningful oversight.

There is much outrage and ridicule that Trump isn’t conceding defeat, claiming his election win was stolen.

But then ….

They all laughed when Trump claimed early in his Presidency that his campaign had been ‘bugged’. It turned out to be true – he was right.

They all laughed when Trump claimed that his alleged election collusion with Russia was a hoax. It turned out to be true – he was right.

They all laughed when he said there would be a ‘red wave’ in this, the 2020 election. It turned out to be more right than wrong. And the deep state’s track record of tampering with Trump gives his suspicions some weight.

PS You might say that one dead man voting is not going to make any difference to the count and I’d agree with you. And therefore it is not worth the effort to only forge ONE ballot ….

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