Things to do in Woke-a-Thon 2020

Andrew L. Urban

Send a postcard of a circle of barefoot Aussie cricketers supporting BLM to remote Aboriginal communities: ‘Wish you were here’ – signed, The Bats Men

Donate to Balmain book fair, Bruce Pascoe’s Dark Emu, autographed by Penny Wong: “Glad to learn that Aboriginals were historically more like white people than we thought, Bruce, with proper housing, farms and villages. Always thought it a bit politically incorrect of them to be opportunistic hunter gatherers. signed in ochre, your Penny ‘never wrong’ PS My speech in the Senate last week glorifying your book, is attached, in case you wish to include it in your marketing…

Pop in to your nearest non-fossil fuel lending NAB branch and turn off all their lights, leaving candles and pamphlets on the counters, with the message: “#IStandWithYouInDark

Ask Mark Latham for a copy of the Kirrawee High School (NSW) gender studies questionnaire for Year 8 students that he revealed on Sky News the other day and circulate among friends, colleagues, email it to MPs and ABC staff, with a couple of the 12 questions underlined:

*What do you think caused your heterosexuality?

*If heterosexuality is normal, why are a disproportionate number of mental patients heterosexual?

*There seem to be very few happy heterosexuals. Techniques have been developed with which you might be able to change if you really want to. Have you considered trying aversion therapy?

Remember to provide contact details to send answers.

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