In the US, only ‘illigrants’ are above the law

Andrew L. Urban

April 6, 2023: As Donald Trump was arraigned in New York on charges by the DA to the chorus of US liberals in politics and media, that “in America nobody’s above the law”, nobody seemed conscious of the absurdity of that mantra in a country where millions of people are roaming around who are indeed above the law.

They are made welcome and showered with welfare, offered sanctuary cities to live in and protected from immigration officers who wish to perhaps deport them. Yep, at last count, some 5 million illegal migrants – illigrants I call them – have been allowed (secretly encouraged?) to barge in to Biden’s America across the Mexican border.

One of those trumpeting this mantra about the law is former speaker Nancy Pelosi, who commented that Trump will now have the chance “to prove his innocence”.

AUSTIN, Texas — More than 1,000 immigrants surged across the U.S.-Mexico border into El Paso in a mass illegal crossing that unfolded in a matter of hours on Wednesday (April 5, 2023) afternoon.

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One Response to In the US, only ‘illigrants’ are above the law

  1. Pv says:

    Biden , Schumer, Pelosi, Nadler ,Schiff , bloomenthall, Hillary Clinton., Bill Clinton , etc etc etc all have told lies in congress or in the Senate. Nil prosecutions. There is ongoing action against Trump in relation to secret documents kept at his home. Biden did the same thing but much worse as he was not president at the time he removed documents . No prosecution. ! Jail them all of justice is real. But no , it won’t happen ! Weaponization of the justice system is what happens when the rule of law applies to one but not the other. Every time someone comes across the US border illegally under bidens policies and a citizen is killed or raped it should constitute treason by all the leaders of the Democratic Party . Real crimes go unpunished every day . You don’t have to like Trump to admire the results of his policies. Such hate against him by the above mentioned , can only be explained by Trumps policies causing them personal financial loss. They are all multi millioaires but no one has checked the source of their income or assets. Sodom and Gomorrah was kindi corruption compared to the leaders of the Democratic Party and of course some Republicans who are also on the take. Pv

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