Ian Plimer – climate facts for all ages

Using food, farts and facts, geology professor Ian Plimer has written three little books “aimed at parents and grandparents all over the world who might want to deprogram children from the barrage of propaganda that children are exposed to at school, in the mainstream media and on social media.”

Volume 1 is written for primary school children and uses body functions such as food and farts to show the carbon cycle and demonstrates that net zero and carbon neutral are impossible.

Volume 2 is for secondary school children and deals with the basics of climate change, renewable energy and EVs in a humorous, irreverent, slightly seditious and entertaining style…

Ian Plimer

Volume 3 for post-secondary school children deals with the history of the planet’s climate changes and how climate policy will have a profound negative effect on their generation.

The Little Green Book, Connor Court Publishing


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  1. Peter v says:

    Can stupidity really grow on trees , I ask. ? Then we mustn’t plant any more trees. I’ve now reached the t try pie old age of 74. Recently I decided that it was only recently , that I reached a reasonable level of knowledge and intelligence. Was it ignorance or complacency that kept me back? No one seems to notice that someone saying ‘ this is the hottest day since 1956 “ means it was just as hot in 1956. !!! Has anyone noticed that many wealthy politicians and business tycoons , who push the rising sea levels theory , have but hugely expensive waterfront properties ? Australia has had more floods than droughts , the polar bear population has risen substantially. Have you noticed that we sell a million more tons of coal for China to burn , yet close down our coal fired power stations and therefore make Australians pay more ! Has anyone actually noticed the anomalies. ? As a proud Italian , I wish to point out that Albanese actually means “Albanian “ All is not as it seems !!!! Teach the kids that !!!

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