It is still called genocide

Andrew L. Urban

Pro-Palestine protests are in effect pro-Hamas, anti-Israel protests. Like the Nazis, Hamas wants to commit genocide against all Jews.

Trick question 1:
What is the main difference between the Nazis and the Palestinian terrorists?
Gas chambers

Trick question 2:
What is the Palestinian terrorists’ equivalent to the Nazi phrase ‘The final solution’?
‘From the river to the sea’

Trick question 3:
What is the main difference between the Nazis’ extermination of Jews and the Palestinian terrorists’ onslaught against Israel?
German efficiency and record keeping

Trick question 4:
What is the difference between Nazi sympathisers and today’s pro-Palestine protestors around the western world?

Pro-Palestinian protestors are anti-Jewish terrorist sympathisers. Just as nasty as Nazi sympathisers.

Those thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters around Australian capital cities are not useful idiots; they have self-identified as good old fashioned antisemites who support ‘the final solution’ expressed today by Hamas, for starters, as the desire to overrun Israel and claim that country a part of a Palestinian enclave, ‘from the river to the sea’. That’s still called genocide.

This is the new Australia, a country whose tolerant characteristic is now stained by the imported hatred of Jews. We now can see the extent that the Left’s often disguised support for the Palestinian world view has helped provide socio-political cover for the same obsession that drove Hitler’s followers in 1930s and 40s Germany. When demonstrators shriek ‘Gas the Jews!’ ‘Kill the Jews!’ and ‘F… the Jews!’ as police look on (Oct 9, 2023, Sydney Opera House steps), we are back in the demonic times of the Holocaust. Instead of the Gestapo in black, it is the Hamas in chequered black and white keffiyeh at the forefront of the hate machine.

Would police have acted differently – not standing by like an audience – had swastikas fluttered above the protest? Same sentiment….

The most alarming aspect of that event was the complicit silence from not only the political leadership in Government but almost the entire Left. Rather, there were calls for ‘proportionality’ and Israeli restraint in response to the Hamas atrocities.

As Israel’s Benjamin Natanyahu points out, “if Hamas laid down arms, there would be peace; if Israel laid down arms they would be wiped out.”

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