The high cost for the US & the world of shoehorning Biden into the Presidency

Andrew L. Urban

Shoehorning? I’m sure you know what I mean. It is this: I do not believe that Biden’s basement-delivered campaign in the 2020 election resulted in his attracting more genuine votes than in 2012 had Barack Obama, patron saint of American political eloquence.

I won’t rehash my earlier examples of the strange vote counts reported in Arizona, Nevada and Georgia, to illustrate my point, except to cite just one: In 2012, Barack Obama won 1,773,827 votes in Georgia. In 2020 Biden was credited with 2,473,633 Georgia votes, a stunning 699,806 votes (39%) more than the much admired Obama

As boastfully outlined in Time magazine, 2020 was the result of a vast effort by anti-Trump forces: “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election,” by Molly Ball. Saved the election was not meant to be the sarcasm it has turned out to be.

Three years later, the US has taken in an estimated 8 million illigrants. (So much for ‘no-one’s above the law, eh?) Biden’s first acts were to open up the southern border and shut down the gas pipeline. It led Biden to go cap in hand to the Saudis for oil.

The border issue will haunt the US for decades, as hundreds among the millions have been identified on the terrorist watch list. Some have already committed serious crimes.

Resuscitating the Iran nuclear deal and pumping cash into this terror-sponsoring regime (as if they hadn’t been sent enough billions by Obama’s administration), is feeding and supporting and arming terrorists, including Hamas. When Iran’s proxies fire at US bases in the region, Biden orders the military to blow up some empty buildings in Tehran.

The deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan, the obvious weakness shown in early remarks to Russia’s Vladimir Putin that encouraged Putin’s invasion of Ukraine; the hapless response to Iran’s so far irksome attacks – by proxies – on US bases in the Middle East and the otherwise commendable support for Ukraine was marred by a half-hearted start that limited the weaponry supplied, bleeding the Ukrainian military and deferring its ability to secure victory. Xi is watching Joe.

And now, with Hamas having launched an existential threat to Israel, Biden is afraid to call out the rampant antisemitism on America’s streets and campuses, instead warning his citizens to desist from Islamophobia, of all things. Biden also wants Israel to stop its attack but doesn’t ask Hamas to stop it firing rockets into Israel.

I would argue that Biden’s ability to f… things up, as Barack Obama warned, has caused an accumulation of grief for the US and the world. Obama even tried to dissuade Biden, with the subtle hint, “You don’t have to do this, Joe” when Biden was preparing to run for the Presidency. What he really meant was “You really mustn’t do this, Joe.”

The Democrats now face the consequences of their foolish decision to run the Biden/ Harris ticket, smirking how clever they were. How does it look now, locked in to the new election with no room to move. As much as Biden is a burden and an impediment to power post 2024, there are no options.

Without Harris as VP, Biden may be persuaded to accept the party’s analysis that he is a liability and convince him to accept his doctor’s recommendation that he not contest 2024. But with Harris as the heir to the Presidential seal, that is like jumping from pan to fire.

Can they replace Harris, a black female as Veep? How? And if not, they are stymied. That’s the price of their stupid manipulation of the election. Here comes the bill …. As the most recent polls and leaks are suggesting. And there’s a year to go.






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