Israeli and Palestinian history in brief and in context

If you are interested in historical world affairs in general and in the current war against Hamas for its survival by Israel, and you have 40 minutes to devote to it, Jewish conservative political commentator and writer Ben Shapiro’s condensed history of the region is pretty good. Shapiro’s signature style is fast talking, fact filled, infotaining….

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  1. Garry Stannus says:

    Yes, Shapiro is “fast talking”. Whether it is “fact filled, infotaining…” is another matter.

    I have watched the Shapiro video and noted that his ‘history’ of Palestine and of the creation of the ‘State of Israel’ contains assertions and analysis which is in reality an apologia for Zionism.

    I don’t intend to comment on the detail of Shaprio’s ‘condensed history’, but do wish to note (in Pursue Democracy’s ‘Israeli and Palestinian history in brief and in context‘) the absence of mention of the apparent war crimes being presently committed by the IDF in Gaza and the years-long blockade of Gaza by Israel.

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