The voter fraud that dare not speak its name

Andrew L. Urban

According to recent polling around the consequential caucuses just held, some 80% of Iowa Republicans believe Joe Biden’s presidency is illegitimate due to voter fraud. What’s wrong with the other 20%, I wonder. But then Donald Trump only won 51% of Iowa’s Republicans who attended the caucus on January 15, 2024, and it was he who has consistently trumpeted (sorry) the voter fraud story, so dismissed by Democrats and their supporting media. That heavy handed demonisation of the claim has made presidential election voter fraud a taboo subject. It is met with derision – avoiding the need to respond to it.

I mention this in the context of a curious silence so far in this presidential campaign (other than from Trump): the prospect of voter fraud. Experience makes this a hot issue. Doesn’t it? For all the eye rolling and dismissive blather about this subject, and despite it having been dismissed by courts before hearing details, the subject is very much alive. I’ve been banging on about it since that election, and have not heard any response that answers the questions posed by the data. (see below)

But first, here are relevant extracts from a current news report that surely undermines confidence in US voting systems, from The Epoch Times of January 13, 2024:

# Connecticut Superior Court Judge William Clark nullified the results of a Democrat mayoral primary in November 2023 and ordered a new election. The ruling was based on hours of video evidence showing hundreds of illegally harvested absentee ballots being stuffed into drop boxes in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

# A California judge overturned the result in a 2021 Compton City Council run-off race that was initially decided by one vote. The judge tossed four fraudulent ballots cast by people not legally registered in the jurisdiction. Five people pleaded either guilty or no contest to conspiring to commit election fraud.

# After discovering that 66 of the 84 absentee ballots cast in a 2021 Democrat primary for alderman in Aberdeen, Mississippi, were invalid and shouldn’t have been counted, a judge ordered a new runoff election. Police arrested a notary for notarizing ballots without watching voters sign them or checking their identification. The court also found evidence of intimidation at the polls involving candidate Nicholas Holliday, Mayor Maurice Howard, and Henry Randle, the town’s police chief.

# In a June 2023 congressional hearing, Rep. Joe Morelle (D-N.Y.) called Republican members’ attitudes about widespread voter fraud “cynical” and the series of election integrity hearings they were conducting in the House “tedious” and “redundant.”

Mr. Morelle said Republicans are fixated on an “unproven lack of integrity” that they claim exists.

# A poll of 1,085 likely voters published in December 2023 found that 21 percent of those who voted by absentee or mail-in ballot in 2020 admitted to filling out a ballot “in part or in full” for someone else, which is illegal.

# Of those who voted by mail in 2020, 17 percent said they cast a ballot in a state where they’re no longer a permanent resident, which is illegal.

It is not just Republicans who consider that derided voter fraud from 2020.

# In two separate polls, one conducted by the Washington Post/University of Maryland in late 2023 and another conducted by CNN earlier in the year, between 36 percent and 38 percent of Americans surveyed believe that the election of President Joe Biden was illegitimate.


In November 2023, Superior Court Judge William Clark overturned a Democrat mayoral primary election in Bridgeport, Connecticut, due to surveillance video footage that revealed individuals stuffing multiple absentee ballots into ballot drop boxes.

The Biden camp continues to claim “he got more votes than any president in history” as Quentin Fulks put it on Fox News Special Report (January 17, 2024). I pose the question: why? There are many ways of skinning an election cat, and the 2020 presidential election result questions how many of those ways have been documented. Here are the factual voting samples I’ve previously quoted to pose the question: how come?

In 2012, Barack Obama won 1,773,827 votes in Georgia. In 2020, we are told Biden won 2,473,633, a stunning 39% more than Obama! (Population up 7.4% since 2010.) Trump got 2,461,854 Georgia votes.

Obama in 2012 won 531,373 votes in Nevada; Biden, we are led to believe, won 703,486. Trump, got 669,890.

In 2012, Obama won 1,025,232 votes in Arizona. Biden, we are asked to believe, got 1,672,143. Trump, got 1,661,686.

According to the court-ordered forensic audit of the Dominion servers in Antrim County, Michigan, Dominion software experienced an astounding 68.05 % error rate in electronic tabulation log events. The Election Assistance Commission (originally the Federal Election Commission) allows a maximum error rate of just 0.0008 percent. The errors in electronic tabulation log events were ‘adjudicated’ manually. (wink wink)

More than 379,000 possibly illegal ballots were allegedly cast in Michigan. That’s more than twice the victory margin.

In the same election, despite the apparent support for Democrat Biden, Republicans won over a dozen House seats and lost none. Surely a provocative factor?

Explanations validating these discrepancies in legal and political terms have never been put forward. With American and world affairs riding on this year’s election, and with Trump Derangement Syndrome at an all time deranged high (eg a judge questions Trump lawyers if presidential immunity would shield Trump if he ordered Seal Team 6 to assassinate an opponent) it is surprising that voter fraud is not a big issue in 2024 election conversations.

Given the hysteria of the anti-Trump left, pursuing former FBI agent Peter Strzok’s “we’ll stop him” mantra, and the boastful 2020 Time magazine article The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election by Molly Ball, it should be. The left is known for chasing power by any means necessary. Voter fraud? Pfft  …

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