Dear Minister … dear indeed

We publish this letter in the interests of all Australians shocked by electricity costs.

Dear Chris ‘Talmighty’ Bowen,

 I write to let you know that I got my electricity bill last week. You shoulda seen it, mate! When I opened it, I yelled out your name: “Chris Talmighty!” From 14 November 2013 to 14 February 2024 (93 days) I had incurred a bill of $671.37. On my own. The bill helpfully advised that my usage was up 20.89% over the same period last year. But that bill was $486.08; 20% of that is about $97 isn’t it? My bill had gone up by $185. That’s a tad under 45%.

 So here’s the deal about your policies reducing the price of energy, mate: put up or shut up. Cut my bill in half.

 It seems your policies reflect a crusade against fossil fuels (boo hiss), fuelling hysteria decoupled from actual knowledge. While climate scientists are uncertain exactly how climate works, they do know that it isn’t CO2 driving warming. Everybody knows that – except maybe your advisors.

 The Epoch Times reported the other day: “CO2 does not cause global warming. Global warming causes more CO2,” said Edwin Berry, a theoretical physicist and certified consulting meteorologist. He called Royal Society’s position on CO2 “pure junk science.”

“Ian Clark, emeritus professor for the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Ottawa, agreed that if all greenhouse gas emissions ceased today, the Earth would continue warming—but not because of CO2.

He said that contrary to popular opinion, temperature doesn’t follow CO2—instead, CO2 follows temperature, which, itself, is due to solar activity.”

Mr. Berry said there’s no scientific basis for the claim that a “certain amount of carbon dioxide in the air causes a certain amount of temperature increase.”

“They say we have to reduce (CO2) to 350 ppm to cool it down to where temperature was a while ago? There’s no physics to that,” he said.

“That whole claim is totally garbage. CO2 doesn’t cause a change in temperature; temperature causes a change in CO2.

Mr. Clark said that in different parts of the world and at different times of the year, CO2 fluctuates “between 15 and 20 percent,” and that’s driven by the temperature of the seasons.

“If we start having cooler summers and colder winters, those fluctuations would start driving CO2 further down. But overall, climate is going to do whatever the sun dictates,” he said.

There have been thousands of earlier reports and articles about the climate which totally debunk the ruling orthodoxy.

If your department is incapable of keeping up with developments in climate science, get them a subscription to some of the many online resources where scientists discuss the subject.

But even if you discount it all as ‘denialism’, there is one inescapable fact: Australia’s paltry emissions make a mockery of your policies, dear deluded Minister. They stand in relation to the total as the earth stands in relation to the size of the sun. See the illustration.

Yours in climate nirvana,


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  1. P V says:

    Remember Soylent Green. ? Everyone’s nightmare ! The food on earth can no longer feed the population, so we turn to eating each other. When people die, instead of ending up at the Crematorium or the Cemetery , the bodies are picked up as usual , but they are then transported to a factory in secret , where they are turned into protein biscuits. Energy is the reason our world has developed the bounty it has had . When energy fails, anarchy commences. Don’t turn off our coal fired power stations . Don’t stop looking for , or using clean natural gas. We have plenty . At the same time , by all means look for and or invent other sources. Why does Australia sell massive amounts of coal to China and India to supply cheap power to their people, but we close our power stations , causing us to pay more for our power than people using our coal. !? Because someone is making a buck out of our hardship. Has the world improved in the past few years ? Wars , conflicts, inflation and out of control corruption at every level of government . Cheap and available electricity and gas is our right not our privilege . Our supermarket chains are Making massive profits while charging us $1.50 for a single tomato. Like our American brothers and sisters … even though not written into law , our government should be , of the people, by the people and for the people. We vote in governments supposedly to carry out our wishes as voters. Is that what our States or The Albanese Federal government doing ? Of course not! Remember ! We are the people. We must not tolerate corrupt public servants at any level. I was reminded today that police should go after crimes, not go after people. We are the opposition , if government does not do , what we voted them in to do. That is their only mandate . Do we know why the Second Amendment of the US Constitution exists ? It was meant to say to people , if your government turns feral and abuses the rights of its citizens , it is ok to take up arms , form a militia and overthrow the Government. Then of course one does NOT replace it with just another form of Tyranny . We don’t have such a Constitutional Right , but we do have the vote , if it is not falsified as it is in Russia . Government FOR the people is what we demand. A mass protest is not an insurrection , it is our right ! Never forget how we were treated during Covid19 . It was certainly not. Government of the people , by the people and for the people. It was just plain disgusting and unacceptable . We need , NO, we demand better of our leaders. Pv

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