How the climate alarm sausage is made

Climate The Movie – The Cold Truth, written and directed by Martin Durkin, is free on YouTube. In 79 minutes the film provides a gripping examination and explanation of why, how and by whom the deadly sausage of ‘climate change’ is made – and indeed, mass produced. It is informed by facts and scientific observations. And it is as scary as climate alarmism intends to be.

The film dissects the various aspects of the ‘climate change’ narrative, from the climate bandwagon, the perverted science, the consensus, the politics and the ramifications beyond. Climate The Movie – The Cold Truth is a rather cold shower on Al Gore’s The Inconvenient Truth.

You’ll never think of the phrase ‘climate denier’ the same way again.

Climate The Movie – The Cold Truth

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  1. Pv says:

    I called Hillary Clinton , Cleopatra the Queen of De Nile . !! Al Gore , Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy were all asked the same question and to his Credit Al Gore was the only one that knew that Infrequent is one word. The only climate change I’ve seen is the climate where innocent people suffer and no one gives a rats!!!

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