The Global Peace Summit hurt not helped Ukraine

Andrew L. Urban

Neighbours from all over gathered after a violent house invasion and wrung their hands. There were 90 of them. They tut-tutted. Shook their heads in disapproval. The invaders were refusing to leave, so the neighbours spoke of drawing up a peace plan. They hoped the invaders might negotiate … to compromise. Perhaps, they hoped, the home owners would give the invaders the second bedroom if they just left the house.

The neighbours expressed concern for the victims of the invasion, took a selfie and went home. The invaders continued to trash the house.

That, in a nutshell, is the story of the Global Peace Summit in Switzerland (June 15-16, 2024).

“BUERGENSTOCK, Switzerland, June 16 (Reuters) – Western powers and their allies at a summit in Switzerland denounced Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on Sunday, but they failed to persuade major non-aligned states to join their final statement, and no country came forward to host a sequel.”

Reuters continued its report: “Russia ridiculed the event from afar. A decision by China to stay away all but assured that the summit would fail to achieve Ukraine’s goal of persuading major countries from the “global South” to join in isolating Russia.

“Brazil attended only as an “observer”. And in the end, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and South Africa all withheld their signatures from the summit communique, even though some contentious issues were omitted in the hope of drawing wider support.”

The final statement said blah, blah, blah …. “the UN Charter and respect for territorial integrity and sovereignty…can and will serve as a basis for achieving a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in Ukraine.”

Swiss Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis said it was conceivable that a follow-up summit could be held before the U.S. presidential election in November. Aah, whooppie!

That, in a nutshell, is the story of the West’s flabby response to aggressive regimes. Talk, take selfie, issue puffed up statement (they call it ‘communique’ to sound authoritative).

That’s nooo how ye treat criminals, my Scoootish friend commented.

In reality, the Global Peace Summit has made things worse for Ukraine’s prospects in their defensive war against Russia. It has confirmed Russian President Putin’s belief that the West (it’s current leadership) is weak and lacks resolve. He has managed with impunity to not only break international law but contravened the 1994 Budapest Agreement in which Russia, the US and the UK guarantee Ukraine’s sovereignty in exchange for Ukraine’s huge nuclear stockpile.

What are the consequences? What is the punishment for breaking the law? For trashing the Memorandum? What will law-abiding members of the international community do? Get dressed up, make speeches and take selfies.

Now you may ask what should be done. President Zelensky has often told us what should be done. Be resolute: commit wholeheartedly to supporting Ukraine’s defence with the weapons requested as rapidly as possible. That should have been done from the start. It can still be done. The US and the UK are entitled (obliged, I would have thought) to not only provide arms length assistance urgently, they should take an aggressive stance. They just need the leadership. When Putin threatens – threaten back. He’s in the wrong.

Of course, as the Irishman giving a tourist directions from Killarney to Tipperary said, “If I were you, I wouldna start from here, Paddy…”

Andrew L. Urban is the co-author of Zelensky the Unlikely Hero and Zelensky the Frontline President, (Wilkinson)









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2 Responses to The Global Peace Summit hurt not helped Ukraine

  1. Pv says:

    Hi Andrew. This media stuff reminds me of them reporting that I lost my High Court Appeal. As you know I did NOT! The high court refused to grant me leave to appeal. Two of 5 judges voted in my favour. The Junior barrister cried when he heard the refusal. The judge commenting on the decision talked about other than what David Jackson QC had lodged as the constitutional reason to overturn my conviction. The media even commented that Judge Taylor who heard my case was a highly respected judge with honors granted to him for services to the law. What they didn’t tell you was that Taylor had brain surgery a year or so before my trial and was terribly affected. They also didn’t tell anyone that One of my appeal grounds at the CCA before the High court proceeding , offered by Tony Bellanto QC was that Taylor’s instructions to the jury were incomprehensible gobbledygook. Both in the written records and in the audio tape he acquired for the appeal. The lawyer who helped in producing my petition also said he could not understand Most of the instruction to the Jury. The bits Taylor read out of the book very ok but the rest was” martian. “It is of course stated in law that a jury verdict must come as a result of proper and correct instruction by the judge. Since this disaster , 4 lawyers and experienced journalists have read the instruction and confirmed that they could not make sense of most of his instructions. As well as Justice Adam’s words that the complainants evidence against me was inconsistent and implausible , Taylor’s instructions should have secured my acquittal or at the ver least overturned the conviction. Bashing the accused in the media here is a sport. Grandstanding without full knowledge is a very human reaction but it is nonetheless inexcusable. Why doesn’t someone admit I was ruined by lies and look at my petition acquit me and say sorry. I will accept an apology. I just want my good name cleared . I still hear people say Pell was Guilty. Lindy Chamberlain was guilty , Gordon woods , etc etc . When I ask why they generally say , I just don’t like them
    That must now be the new standard of proof. Too many people hurt by courts and media in the interest of satisfying public opinion no matter how illinformed. Fix your mistakes. The Country deserves better. Pv

    • andrew says:

      In the absence of a pro bono lawyer, you could try Legal Aid – you have the material for a new appeal. Just get Legal Aid to identify TWO errors that haven’t been grounds before.

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