An Incontrovertible Truth (or two)

Andrew L. Urban.

My special address at the Katowice Climate Change Conference, Poland, Dec. 2 – 14, 2018:

Hello, Al Gore; I hope you take note but no offence at the title of my address, with its corrupted take on your 2006 movie’s title, An Inconvenient Truth, which helped fan the fires of global warming alarmism with its falsehoods, exaggerations and emotive call to save the planet. I especially note the poster for the film still displayed on the film’s Wikipedia entry, with its tall smoke stacks spewing white smoke; what is that smoke? It can’t be CO2. A good symbol of the fakery of your mission – which continues to this day.

I was there at the Cannes Festival where the film had its world premiere and interviewed you at the rooftop cafe of the Noga Hilton, where you told me (as you told others) that anthropogenic global warming is “the greatest moral challenge of our times”.* Your zeal even took me in – to a large extent, but only temporarily. You certainly fooled many in official and bureaucratic Australia. And look where it’s got us in the 13 years since that sunshiny day in Cannes.

*Australian coal fired power stations have been destroyed, others are due for closure, in pursuit of the abolition of coal as a source of electricity generation. CO2 emissions generated by coal fired power stations are to be dramatically reduced, no matter which party is in government. As a direct consequence, the cost of electricity for domestic, commercial, medical and educational users has rocketed up. The poor and vulnerable no doubt agree about this issue being a moral challenge – just not the way you mean it.

*Meanwhile, back at the coalface …. Australia’s coal exports reached a record 372 million tons, worth $56.5 billion in 2017, 35% more than 2016 (ABS), with China alone buying over 1 billion tonnes of the total. They are not buying it to sniff the stuff. It’s like a farmer selling all his food produce while his family starves.

*Australia continues to misuse vast resources (funded by those massive coal exports, ironically enough), diverting funds by the billions from essential services to chase ‘clean energy’, the brain-washed mantra propagated by the ‘settled science’ crowd, including – astonishingly – Australia’s Chief Scientist and his buddy, former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. Despite all the billions of dollars tipped into the research pockets of a giant climate change (science?) industry and the rent seekers of the renewables scam, we are still missing any proof that man made emissions are warming the planet. Acclaimed geology professor Ian Plimer puts it succinctly: “Annual human emissions (3% of the total) of carbon dioxide are meant to drive global warming. This has never been shown. If it could be shown, then it would also have to be shown that natural emissions (97%) don’t drive global warming.” No-one – not even the former Prime Minister nor the Chief Scientist – has been able to disprove this point.

Can you?

*Andrew L. Urban’s 2006 interview with Al Gore was published in The Bulletin. It was also published in 

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