It’s Jewrusalem, stupid

Andrew L. Urban.

Nothing so infuriates the fervent anti-Semites, angry Islamists and narrow minded Arabs as a confirmation of Israel as a legitimate, sovereign, democratic state. They don’t have one themselves, you see, and historic enmities remain – are forever current. The destruction of Israel remains the stated ambition of Iran, for example, as well as that of the wealthy and well protected, politically corrupt thugs who run the third world in which the poor Palestinian sods live.

There would have been a peace were it not for the thugs. There will never be a peace while they pay their young useful idiots to blow themselves up in Israel or kill Israelis, so their families can live off the blood money and they can enjoy 74 raisins in the Allahworld. Or while Palestinians learn from the kindergarten onwards that Israelis are pigs to be shot. With whooops, loudly.

These perpetrators of a culture of hate have the gall to wince when a Western democracy defies their sensitivities about Israel by having an embassy in Jerusalem. Or more aptly perhaps, Jewrusalem.

Facts matter, don’t they, and the facts are clear about the city’s history. Those who whinge that such a move upsets those Muslims who claim it for their own capital are foolish sycophants. Obedient flattery, in other words. Submission of this kind is an Islamic concept, but they embrace it as if it were theirs. Poor, sad, silly cowards, how easily they abandon their moral compass, their history, their spine.

No, I am not a Jew. I am an atheist, for god’s sake.

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