The elephant in the US election room

Andrew L. Urban

Despite the recent A$1 billion defamation settlement by Fox News in favour of the Dominion voting equipment company, the subject of voter fraud in the 2020 US presidential election remains an open question. Misusing voting machinery is not the only way to commit voter fraud.

They talk about Joe Biden’s advanced age. They talk about his gaffs and lack of coherence. They talk about the rising cost of living dragging families down. They talk about the crisis of his open borders policy. The tragedy of his deadly and inept withdrawal from Afghanistan. They talk about his barmy killing off US energy independence. And they talk about the polls.

They also talk about Donald Trump’s return to wildly cheering crowds as the frontrunner (by a long mile) in the Republican presidential race – at least for now.

The question on everyone’s lips (everyone with a media platform, anyway) is “Doesn’t America deserve better than a Trump-Biden rematch?” Meanwhile, the accepted political wisdom is that the Democrats are manoeuvring to make sure the Republican presidential nominee is Donald Trump. The rationale for that strategy is said to rest on the simplistic notion that as Biden beat Trump in 2020, he can beat Trump in 2024.

That assumption ignores the well (and often) observed decline in Biden’s faculties in the three years since the 2020 election – and the 70% wishing he’d not run since he stumbles even when just walking.

In other words, all the attention is on the looming ‘battle of the ages’, each dragging their respective baggage into the fight club of 2024.

Oddly, nobody is talking about voter fraud. It is the elephant in the presidential election room. This became the central post-election issue and led to the January 6 riot – and all that followed.

The Democrats don’t want to talk about this, the most grisly aspect of the 2020 election, feigning a horror of voter fraud and screeching ‘conspiracy theory’ to answer any mention of it. The Republicans don’t want to talk about it because it has been so disgraced as a topic that it is best ignored. But it has never been resolved. Nor is there any indication that voter fraud has been eliminated from the presidential election process.

Even here in Australia, the subject is verboten and suggestions that Biden’s win was quite possibly engineered by operations in the dead of night is treated with disdain. I risk elephant poo in my mailbox by writing this. But … but ….

“I have been told that we have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organisation in the history of American politics.” I saw Joe Biden make that statement as part of a news report on Fox News, shortly before the election.

In a podcast interview after the election (on December 21, 2020), Dr Peter Navarro said that more than 379,000 possibly illegal ballots were allegedly cast in Michigan. “That’s more than twice the victory margin.” Navarro holds a Ph.D. in economics from Harvard University and was a professor emeritus of economics and public policy at the University of California-Irvine for more than 20 years.  He served as Assistant to the President and Director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy at the White House during the Trump Administration.

During a nine-hour period on Nov. 4, Trump had a significant lead over Joe Biden, he added. Within “five seconds” at around 6:30 a.m. Biden’s “total [votes] skyrocketed by 141,258 votes,” or “30 times the expected vote count,” Navarro said, citing data from the New York Times.

“Within that same time frame, do you know how many Trump got? 5,968,” he said. In another instance at around 3:50 a.m. ET in Michigan, “54,497 votes were provided for Biden while Trump only received about 4,718 votes.” Navarro has compiled three reports on the way the election was corrupted.

The famously boastful November 2020 Time magazine article “The secret bipartisan campaign that saved the 2020 election” omitted some telling ballot results that do not tally with the outcome. Perhaps because they do not seem to have “saved” the election. Here are some, for Georgia, Nevada and Arizona, from a December 2020 report by US lawyer Stephen B. Meister:

Let’s begin by looking at some undisputed swing state data. Take Georgia to start. In 2012, Barack Obama won 1,773,827 votes in Georgia. We are now told Biden won 2,473,633 Georgia votes, besting the first black president by a stunning 699,806 votes.

In other words, we’re asked to believe that Biden outperformed his former boss by 39.45 percent in Georgia, though Biden was soundly defeated in the 2008 Democratic Primary by Obama, and that was when Obama’s sole political credentials were that of a Chicago community organizer and Illinois state senator, and before Biden’s obvious cognitive decline. Trump garnered 2,461,854 Georgia votes, and thus would have handily defeated Biden’s former boss.

Now let’s look at Nevada. It presents a similarly incredulous (sic) picture. Whereas Obama in 2012 won 531,373 votes from Nevadans, Biden, we are led to believe, won 703,486 such votes, besting his former boss by 172,113 votes—improving Obama’s performance by 32.39 percent. Again, Trump, who gathered 669,890 Nevada votes, would have soundly defeated a candidate turning in an Obama-level performance.

 Arizona is altogether ridiculous. In 2012, Obama won 1,025,232 votes in Arizona. Yet Biden, we are asked to believe, got 1,672,143 votes from Arizonans, a whopping 63.10 percent improvement over Obama’s performance. Once again, Trump, who won 1,661,686 votes from Arizonans, would have handily defeated a candidate turning in an Obama-level performance.

Given these facts, it is surprising, is it not, that the media failed to pick up what was arguably the biggest news story of the whole election, if the results were true and accurate: basement-bound Biden attracted more votes (in these states, at least) than had Barack Obama, whose job approval ratings averaged 48% over his two terms and who was universally praised for his oratory skills. As Obama might be forgiven for saying, “C’mon, man!”






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