Hamas not held to account – Israel is. Que?

Andrew L. Urban

If you want absolute proof that the west is built on Judeo-Christian principles, the unconditional absolving of Hamas, after its assault on Israel, from all care and responsibility towards its own population is a pretty strong start. (Although I think that the automatic Christian response is equal parts stupidity…) Both in the court of much public opinion and in political circles, Hamas has been spared the lecturing and hectoring of the naïve and the impotent. It’s as if Hamas has no responsibility at all in this conflict, which the terrorist group set off with barbaric fervour. 

When did we hear calls for Hamas to take responsibility for their Gazans? When did we hear lectures from Joe Biden against taking hostages? When did the UN speak up about its collusion with Hamas? When did Australia commit to cut all funding to UNWRA? When did French President Macron urge Hamas to surrender?

By contrast, those responsible for defending western societies like Anthony Blinken of the US to Australia’s Penny Wong, have repeatedly urged Israel – Israel! – to be mindful not to commit war crimes (no such finger wagging at Hamas), to put the existential threat against Israel into a box of compassion for their deadly enemy…in other words, to avoid harming the locals in Gaza (over 70% of whom voted for and still support Hamas). What is most infuriating about these self-righteous pleas (even to us outside Israel) is that the Israeli armed forces are renowned (in sensible quarters) as the most careful to adhere to the humanitarian rules of engagement.

If the West’s moral ground has got sodden with its tears for the guilty, how will it stand firm and defend itself? Where is the moral fibre to stiffen the resolve to rid the world as best it can of the evil ideology that is determined, committed and undeterred to extinguish Israel and its jews?

Hamas logo – with map of Israel (at top) all in Hamas green

We are being played for fools by the Hamas cohort; and Hamas is only the tip. As we have witnessed, emboldened by the hand wringing over Israel’s response, every anti-West extremist and every ignorant idiot seeking to thrill-ride on the wave of antisemitism has grabbed us by the throat. The streets (and the Sydney Opera House forecourt) broil with their hatred. And we just watch. Tut-Tut.

Adding injury to insulting absence of action, the Biden administration has poured billions of dollars into the funnel that is Iran, which doles out money to support Hamas and its fellow travellers. Stupid is as stupid does … We seem to forget (by ‘we’ I mean the West and exclude the critics of these dumb policies) that Islam is not only a religion; it is loyal to a religious army whose military front lines, such as Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and the rest, actively seek the physical, moral and financial supremacy of Islam over as much of the world as they possibly can. Starting with the eradication of Israel.

Winston Churchill once observed, “No stronger retrograde force exists in the world … Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith. …”


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3 Responses to Hamas not held to account – Israel is. Que?

  1. Garry Stannus says:

    For your readers information … they might read the following UN Report (linked below).

    In the sober language of the UN Special Envoy for Sexual Violence in Conflict, Pramila Patten – I have read her 23-page UN report …


    … it reports details of what happened to Israeli men and children at the hands of Hamas and/or their confederates, such as Al Queda. Moreover, it details the butchery of Israeli women in ways that I can only respond here by saying that at least their suffering-at-the-hands-of-Hamas is at an end.

    I have never heard, nor ever imagined such atrocities as those referred to (in the report link) above, as occurring anywhere … more fool me!

    Q Who am I?
    A I’m a bloke who does not recognise the State of Israel’s right to exist. I recognise the right of Palestinians to militarily continue to resist the (1948) creation of that state.

    I don’t recognise any right of Hamas to do what they did in October and I completely condemn those involved for their actions then.

    Yet I reject the mass-onslaught by the State of Israel (and by its IDF) on the whole of the Gaza strip … on all those people living there on their last remaining land. Of course, as well, there is the Left-Bank, and I see the increasing appropriation of the lands of those many other Palestinians who are yet remaining on the Left Bank … their future is grim.

    How then, do we ‘Pursue Democracy’?

    • andrew says:

      Garry – If you don’t recognise the right of Israel to exist, there is not much room for a discussion. The historical debate is a story with several versions / sides.

      So I’m sure readers would be interested to hear what is your suggestion for managing / ending the Palestinian-Israeli conflict? Should the jews in Israel all be killed? Removed..to where? Or what?

  2. GA says:

    Amen, and Am Yisrael Chai!


    A sensible Christian

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