Green on the outside, rancid on the inside

By Andrew L. Urban.

Illogical, ignorant, infantile, irrational and irrelevant, the Greens are nothing but a rancid infestation in Australia’s political kitchen, as they proved recently by their risible claims about bushfires and climate change, Australia’s humane response to South Africa’s racist violence against white farmers and the smearing of Senator Jim Molan as a coward and war criminal.

Democracy is not well served by Greens sitting in our Parliaments. They debase reasoned debate with their childish rants and demean what little respect we have reserved for our representatives.

In overreaching on every subject, they imagine a white supremacist Australia despite all evidence to the contrary. They envisage global warming causing bush fires at will against all evidence to the contrary. They denigrate Jim Molan as a coward against all evidence to the contrary. Fools.

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