American tragedy

By Andrew L. Urban.

America’s current (June 2018) crisis over illegal immigration, family separations and border policies generally, have highlighted and exacerbated the nature of America’s unfolding socio-political tragedy.

Watching America rip itself apart – needlessly – is the greatest tragedy of this era. And the fact that many people blame Donald Trump for it is at the core of the tragedy, a level of delusion and denial that is close to a psychotic epidemic. It is not possible to accurately describe the destructive, irresponsible hysteria that has infected Trump haters any better than to point to the vicious and violent reactions to him.

The latest example of enraged, hysterical and morally bankrupt response is actor Peter Fonda’s online exhortation this week for Trump’s 12 year old son Barron to be ‘ripped from his mother’s arms, put in a cage with paedophiles…’ The left, anti-Trump attack on illegal immigrant family separations at the border often misrepresents the reality (eg, photos of children in cages that were widely circulated turned out to be from Obama era 2014 circumstances). And then denounces the misrepresentation as if it were real.

In a (June 14, 2018) Fox News online comment thread shortly after the Singapore summit with Kim Jong-un, a nobody called Tom Miller wrote: “I hope one of Kim’s goons stabs Trump to death. That would be funny!” Days later at the Tony Awards, Robert De Niro famously yelled “Fuck Trump!” with his fists aloft. Previously, De Niro was content with wanting to punch Trump in the face. Earlier, a female celebrity told a crowd at some rally she had been thinking of blowing up the White House. A so called comedienne had a photo shoot holding a prosthetic of the decapitated head of Trump.

ideological suicide vest

Ironically enough, these cartoonishly hysterical Trump haters and their fellow travellers accuse Trump of spreading hate. Of him being the divisive one. Californian Democrat Senator Eric Swallwell insisted to Neil Cavuto on Fox News yesterday (21/6/18) that Trump was cruel, cold and even liked to have children mistreated. He didn’t moderate this view when Cavuto prompted him that it was an unhelpful characterisation. Like De Niro and Fonda and the rest, Swallwell is demeaning himself, not the President.

Reason has been displaced by rage. Their ideological suicide vest is only hurting themselves.

Ignorance has fed the rage; ignorance of the serious dangers within illegal migration practices (child smuggling and the like), ignorance of the laws, ignorance of Trump’s intent to secure the borders. Or is it really wilful ignorance?

Just as his border control critics blame Trump (personally) not the parents – and fake parents – who put children at risk (when there is a perfectly safe alternative at 328 dedicated ports of entry), so they absolve previous administrations of the many border protection failures that have prompted Trump’s crackdown.

The resulting divide is a cruel reality for a country that is now making progress on so many fronts, from historically low unemployment across all races to strong foreign policy, from energy reliability to improving defence and infrastructure.

And in the midst of all this outpouring of Trump-hate, Congress is inching ever closer to uncovering the full depth and extent of bias-driven corruption within the Department of Justice and the FBI, where supposedly impartial, unbiased operatives planned to stop Trump winning and when they couldn’t, from governing. So much for US democracy.

God bless America might be better phrased as God help America.

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