Covid ordeal by incompetence in science

Andrew L. Urban

Stop testing for Covid immediately, says experienced UK virus specialist researcher and consultant Dr Mike Yeadon. In a 32 minute expose, he explains the folly of how the UK (and other countries) have effectively misdiagnosed the nature of the virus, why they keep getting it wrong and how considerable community immunity had been acquired. He felt compelled to speak out after becoming “perturbed at the restrictions being placed on my country”. He is not the only one perturbed; we all are, in Australia too. Perturbed by the anti-democratic results.

SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies), says Yeadon, have got a number of things wrong, leading to inappropriate advice to government, resulting in negative economic and health effects. The first mistake was SAGE’s premise that Covid19 was a new virus and the community had zero immunity to it. “I knew that it was 80% similar to SARS which swept the world in 2003 and also quite similar in parts to corona viruses, so I wasn’t as worried as many others because I knew that many people had been exposed to corona viruses and would have perhaps substantial protective immunity.”

The high rate of testing produces too many false positives and should cease. He addresses questions like why do the tests produce so many false positives. Why heavy-handed measures, including lockdowns, are ineffective. Why the official virus death count is totally unreliable and not a cause for panic. Why the UK Government should replace all members of SAGE, with more appropriately qualified members.

Himself qualified in biochemistry, toxicology, with a PhD in respiratory pharmacology, focusing on inflammation, immunology and allergies in the context of respiratory diseases, Yeadon recorded this interview (we don’t hear or see his interlocutor) in the Northern autumn.

Yeadon exposes the need to be careful when following ‘the science’: which science? Whose science? Is it science? Science isn’t a road.

Highly and urgently recommended for all chief medical officers, politicians (especially State premiers and their health ‘experts’) and us poor sods whose lives and livelihoods are being, arguably, needlessly distorted or destroyed – by incompetence, in the name of science.

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