West must disown Big Brother

Andrew L. Urban

The YouTube accounts of Sky News and The Spectator Australia have been suspended – and it doesn’t matter why. Irrespective of why, it is from the playbook of how to silence political opposition and dupe, control, manipulate …. manage all politically sensitive narratives.

The first target of revolutions is the media. The means of communication are paramount for asserting control and power. The revolution currently under way in the west is the revolution of leftist (Marxist) ideology taking power without replacing government. No need.

Just as social media provides the vehicle for the dissemination ideology that favours the ‘party’ line, so does mainstream media (with very rare exceptions), now that it has self-castrated and is the eunuch in the harem of the left. This is the symbiosis from hell: the de facto partnership of a left leaning or weakly right leaning government, with the massive, intrusive, ubiquitous powers of Big Tech plus legacy media, academia and many companies and institutions.

‘Social socialism’ is already here in the Anglosphere and most of the West. Now with a Democrat controlled American economy comes economic and political socialism (en route to Marxism), thanks to the influence of the left over genuine Liberals (US) and conservatives (elsewhere). Social socialism is enabling the falsifying of facts and real events in a way that socialism always does: twisting (or reversing) the meaning of words, tribalism & division, and dishonestly packing policies like censorship of the right in the wrappings of social good.

In the case of Sky News and the Speccie, it is not opinions ‘they’ don’t like that are verboten: it is the publishing of information that defies and challenges the ruling orthodoxy (about ivermectin, for example). This applies to Covid related medicines but also to climate change and Great Barrier Reef information, and to US election malpractice information that cuts against the grain.

(Just a note on the latter, from a paper by General Michael Flynn: “Incumbent vote gain is a key indicator of presidential race outcomes. Since 1892, and as the expansion of the United States slowed, only six presidents have lost re-election. All six had fewer total votes in their re-election campaigns than in their initial campaigns. All incumbents who gained votes won re-election. In 2020, Trump gained a record 11 million votes. For perspective, former President Barack Obama lost 4 million votes nationally in 2012 and still won re-election.)

This hellish symbiotic relationship between the above mentioned parties is an existential threat to personal freedom in the west. Forces that want to shut up (or is that shut down) the voices of the Speccie or Sky News are collectively Big Brother. We must disown him …

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  1. Pv says:

    I can’t believe what I’ve seen in the last 10 years. Everything I once held dear is damaged or dead. The me 3 movement is coming. Me 2 has lost so much credibility . Have you been falsely accused. Have you been the subject of an AVO where your version of events has been ignored. Do you feel that you and one day your sons could be subjected to false allegations and still be ruined. Be afraid , ? Perhaps. ! But fight for justice ! If you are one of the real victims of false allegations , let’s hear your stories… and let’s put the per jurors in prison .,.. not innocent men. ! I will fight side by side with any woman who has real and serious claims …….,but I want ALL false accusers jailed. A good man is not hard to find.

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