UN turns blind eye to Nazi sympathisers at UNRWA – so does Australia

Beyond the Textbooks, a report by UN Watch, has exposed how UNRWA teachers incite Arab Palestinian children to antisemitism and terrorism, prompting the Australian Jewish Association (AJA) to call for the suspension of aid to UNRWA – for the second time in under four weeks.

The last time, it was over summer camps that encouraged hatred for jews and taught terrorist practices to children 10 – 16; this time it’s over teachers – 22 of them identified by name and activity – who blatantly violate UN rules, and a total of 113 who have been identified glorifying terrorism and /or posting antisemitic material.

Nahed Sharawi, UNRWA Gaza math teacher who shared a video of Adolf Hitler with inspirational quotes to “enrich and enlighten your thoughts and minds.”

Esraa Abedalraheem, UNRWA Syria English teacher who posted a Hamas propaganda video inciting children to deny Israel’s right to exist.

Husni Masri, UNRWA West Bank teacher who posted antisemitic conspiracy theories that Jews control the world, created the coronavirus and seek to destroy Islam.

Fatima Abu Mufreh, UNRWA Lebanon math teacher who endorses armed violence against Israel: “After today, nothing should speak other than the missiles of the resistance, the rifles of its jihad warriors…”

UNRWA engineer Shady Shehada celebrated the 1972 Munich Massacre. On the anniversary of that event, September 5, 2020, he posted images in which eight members of the Black September Palestinian terrorist group killed 11 Israeli Olympic athletes. Shady Shehada exalts the terrorist murder as “a glory that will last forever.”

“UN Watch has found that UNRWA has a very high tolerance for antisemitism. As summarized in the list of perpetrators published as Annex A of this report, UN Watch has exposed more than 100 UNRWA staff and school Facebook pages containing incitement to antisemitism and terrorism. These were revealed in six separate reports published between September 2015 and September 2019.7 Although UNRWA received our reports and is well aware of the problem, the agency continues to systematically employ schoolteachers, principals and other staffers who openly support terrorism and antisemitism,” says the report.

AJA President Dr David Adler said “After this game changing revelation of widescale racism and extremism amongst staff at UNRWA, which receives $10 million annually from Australia, the Federal Government can no longer feign ignorance. The problems are so systemic its staggering and Australian taxpayers would be outraged to know their hard-earned dollars are fuelling the middle east conflict. If this money was going to Nazi sympathisers in Germany or any other place, it would have ended and rightly so. This is no different. Hate is hate and Australia should not sully our international reputation.”

Founded in 1993, UN Watch is a non-governmental organization based in Geneva, Switzerland that monitors the United Nations by the yardstick of its charter and protects human rights worldwide.  www.unwatch.org

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3 Responses to UN turns blind eye to Nazi sympathisers at UNRWA – so does Australia

  1. Pv says:

    Hi Andrew , as you know 10 years ago I started my stint in hell after being accused of touching my stepdaughter sexually when she was a young teenager. Accused without evidence ,to me at least , is the same thing as losing your voice for merely being part of a religion or race which has become a target for political gain. We are white older males and therefore the target of , me too . I have talked to many men who have been essentially excommunicated from society as their particular alleged sin should achieve no less. You are a champion of Justice at any cost Andrew .I have had many people say that they believe in me , and they read the allegations against me, and to them , the evidence in fact proves me innocent, but very few would put their names to their stated assessment of my innocence. You have done so over and over , and for this I thank you. Kind regards pv

  2. Pv says:

    Jokes are like a catheter . They don’t work unless they take the piss out of somebody !!regards PV

  3. Pv says:

    A Jewish friend of mine once said .”I absolutely hate Racial prejudice , and Palestinians “ Boom Boom ! Politically incorrect but funny. Then he said “ god made the Jews , then he made the gentiles .’why did he make the gentiles. ?’oh yes he said I know …. Someone has to buy retail. ‘ politically incorrect but truly funny ! Having watched my parents suffer racial abuse in the 50’s and 60’s , I don’t think racial prejudice is funny , But I do think good humored racial jokes can be funny and harmless. It is a matter of intent. I tell great Jewish jokes, Greek jokes , NZ jokes , pommie jokes , Indian jokes, Italian jokes, Irish jokes, Aboriginal jokes, Japanese jokes , spanish jokes , Scottish jokes , sexist jokes directed at men or women , religious jokes, lawyer jokes, real este jokes, and animal jokes. But none has got a laugh as raucously as my famous AUSTRALIAN joke. Wanna hear it. ? Ask me each week and I’ll give you the joke for each category …and I’ll agree to deliver the Aussie joke first. Ha ha !!!!!! Pv

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