People who enable monster regimes – like Judge Germain of Alberta


If you ever wondered how monster regimes like Nazi Germany or Mao’s China were possible, a bizarre order by a Canadian judge provides the answer; some people’s innate authoritarianism, drawn out by Covid restrictions.

In a bizarre, 40-minute rant, Justice Adam Germain, the judge enforcing Alberta’s pandemic lockdown laws

Pastor Artur Pawlowski

yesterday ordered that for the next 18 months, whenever Pastor Artur Pawlowski talks about lockdowns, the pandemic or vaccines — in tweets, in speeches, in media interviews — he must immediately repudiate himself, and give the official government view condemning himself, reports Ezra Levant in Rebel News. “He must argue against himself. He must condemn himself. Or go back to jail for opening his church during the lockdown.


“It’s compelled speech, like a Maoist “struggle session” in Communist China. You have to say what the government tells you to say,” writes Levant. “This is unheard of in Canadian law. Even convicted murderers cannot be ordered to apologize for their crimes — and anyways, such a forced apology would be meaningless.”

Justice Adam Germain

(The judge also hit Pastor Artur with $42,000 in fines and another $10,000 for his brother, Dawid.) The judge also raged at Pastor Artur for going on a speaking tour, warning other churches around North America about the threat to civil liberties. So to stop that, the judge also banned Pastor Artur from leaving the province of Alberta for 18 months.

Is it even legal? Ezra reports that “This truly is the most absurd, un-Canadian and clearly illegal court ruling in recent memory. In fact, to find anything like it, one has to look back nearly 90 years to William Aberhart, the former Alberta premier.

“Aberhart passed a series of laws called the “Alberta Press Act”, which forced newspapers to print the government’s rebuttal to their own editorials. That laughably illegal law was struck down in 1938 by the Supreme Court, and the Edmonton Journal, the newspaper that led the charge against it won a special Pulitzer Prize for its efforts.

“Justice Germain (a failed left wing political candidate) has brought back that illegal law, but applied it to just one citizen. Alas, today, the mainstream media are cheering for the censors.”

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance said John F. Kennedy. His observation is confirmed every day, more so in the time of Covid.


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8 Responses to People who enable monster regimes – like Judge Germain of Alberta

  1. hank says:

    Justice ?? I feel sick !!!!!!

  2. Lea says:

    You guys really need to take a good look at your leaders especially the ones in the Conservative leadership. The current vice-regent is a muslim woman born in Kampala Uganda groomed at a Aga Khan school. Herein lies a root issue of the current sharia nassi type violations of our human rights as we know them in the Free Christian world.

    • andrew says:

      Which country can you mean? Judge Germain is a Canadian judge. Canada’s vice regent is Mary May Simon, born in Quebec. Australia’s Governor General is General David Hurley.

  3. Maureen McCartney says:

    Are we really in Canada ? This judge should should be thrown out of the system but clearly he had been bought. Very sad day for Canadians . I am heartbroken . But I will fight for the Pastor’s constitutional rights . As Canadians , we need to support him

  4. Elmer Doell says:

    Justice Adam Germain should be disbarred, ousted from the bench and publicly tarred and feathered! What an utterly disgusting POS! The entire cabal of the Kenny government, the so-called Chief Medical Officer Deena Henshaw ought to be fired! As a FORMER UCP supporter/member, I shall work hard to ensure these members of the communist cabal are never to form government again! Furthermore, how can the police officers sleep at night, despicable actions such as they’ve displayed are repulsive and unconstitutional! It’s time for a revolution!

  5. G Miller says:

    The Pastor can deal with it by having a written repudiation interspersed with the judges name and political leaning, and read it out by saying that this is the Soviet style forced speech repudiation forced upon him by the judge. Thus will bring the judge into disgrace, expose the commnist government, make the judge and canadian government a joke on the world stage

  6. Free and God frearing says:

    Justice Adam Germain clearly needs to be stood down and investigated. He is imposing his free will and not the law. Abuse of power. Needs to rot his fat ass

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