The fact check we have to have

Andrew L. Urban

There is no relationship between lockdowns and virus control (eg, 35 studies reported in December 2020, in American Institute for Economic Research).

Despite this science-driven medical information, our governments persisted. And how some persisted!

Curfews have no useful purpose in managing the virus, according to medical scientists.

Despite this known scientific information, (one) government persisted.

Evidence that face masks can provide effective protection against respiratory infections in the community is scarce, as acknowledged in recommendations from the UK and Germany.

Despite this known scientific information, our governments persisted.

Interstate border closures are forbidden by the Constitution except in actual emergencies.

Despite this legal constraint, some State governments persisted – and still do.

Freedom of speech and assembly (eg protest) are essential basic rights in a Democracy.

Despite this, governments persisted in curtailing both, to varying degrees, often brutally.

Predictive models about the spread of the virus and its death rates were repeatedly proven wrong.

Despite this observable fact, policy makers persisted in using them.

Predictive models about the need for vast numbers of hospital beds and ICUs due to the virus were repeatedly proven wrong (as was the ABC’s Norman Swan).

Despite this observable fact, policy makers persisted in using them.

Vaccinations reduce the risk of catching Covid and its severity, protecting the vaccinated.

Despite this, public fear mongering by politicians (and others) has spread the contrary belief that the unvaccinated are pariahs, a threat to the vaccinated. (The Victorian President of the Australian Medical Association casually suggested that the unvaccinated should opt-out of the public health system and ‘let nature run its course’ if they get Covid. on my oath!)

Predictive models about the rate of global warming have been repeatedly proven wrong – or fake – over the years. Remember the rigged 1999 hockey stick graph scandal?

Despite this observable fact, policy makers persist in relying on them, activists quote them.

Observed rise in the population of polar bears, “now almost 30,000, up from 26,000 in 2015” as reported in March 2021, continue to be contradicted by climate activists. (eg latest mawkish Greenpeace TV ad).

Observed growth of hundreds of pacific islands (by up to 8% as reported in January 2021) continue to be contradicted by climate activists (and Bob Carr).

It is known that greenhouse gases make up some 2% of the of earth’s atmosphere (the majority is nitrogen and oxygen); of that 2%, CO2 makes up about 3.6%; of that 3.6% only 3.4% is caused by human activity – and has not (repeat NOT) been shown by scientists to drive global warming. (Not the naturally occurring 96.6%?)

Despite this well documented scientific knowledge, government leaders, foolish celebrities (eg David Attenborough), uninformed journalists and excitable green-headed activists (eg Thunberg the Grater) continue to believe that mankind is about to incinerate the planet with clean, life supporting CO2 – which they mis-label ‘pollution’.

It is known that nuclear power is efficient, safe and reliable (eg France, North America, Asia, etc) – and Australia is super rich in uranium, exporting it to over 40 countries.

Despite that, government has not even tried to lift the domestic use ban so as to enable the establishment of a nuclear power industry.

A clever country?










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