Will we all kneel?

Andrew L. Urban

If test cricketers (eg Quinton de Kok the other day) can be compelled to ‘take the knee’ by their employer in order to demonstrate their political solidarity with a Marxist remit masquerading as an anti racist signal … the precedent is set. We might grumble, but we can do nothing about it. Woke corporations are already strong-arming employees to get vaccinated … or else. We might grumble, but we can do nothing about it.

The increasingly woke defence forces have moved to embrace gender identity politics; Marxism has a toe hold. It is a short step to compelling our soldiers to ‘take the knee’ on the parade ground, at ceremonies … at muster? We might grumble, but we can do nothing about it.

Or can we? Would the image of Aussie soldiers forced to kneel in supplication to a Marxist ideology stir us enough to DO something about it? Will there be protest marches across the country? Will there be social unrest, civil disobedience? Or not? It’s a big question; will we all kneel and just grumble about it? That’s how the Marxist knee will be applied to our necks.

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  1. P versi says:

    If Australia does not have a bill of rights , it should have one ! Although the country whose constitution protects such a bill is now denying those inalienable rights to their citizens. Magna Carta too is a ratification of the concept that all men are supposed to have been created equal. Andrew , as you know , once the justice system fails the test of justice itself , and nothing is done , we are but a short step to Genocide and Totalitarian control . The police and then the justice system will serve not the will of the people and the hard fought principles of Democracy and the Republics which manifest from principles in seeking truth and nothing but the truth. There can be no more denial of God in our future. “So help me god” is the pledge . Without it we deny a higher calling than man’s greed and man’s inhumanity to man. Pv

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