Climate change – the magic pudding of the warmist cult

Andrew L. Urban

Once upon a time … actually, several times upon many times, climate changes have been recorded in geology, as any properly educated student and well informed adult knows. And for all the flapping about, coercive policies and crying school children, human activity does not affect our climate. Nature does that. Don’t worry, this is not a science class; the history of climate change is readily available via computer linked to the internet, and in many books. Australian geologist Professor Ian Plimer has a few out, and a new one, Green Murder is out this month (Nov, 2021).

As the misled leaders of half the world Go Glasgow this week, to nod solemn heads at each other’s speeches full of junk science and emotionalised bunkum, the powerful puppet masters privately smirk, gathered in a gangrenous clump behind the logo of the World Economic Forum, the leading force of the crazed ‘world domination’ nutters. (James Bond to the rescue, please.) They have managed for 26 years to bring together presidents and prime ministers to play on ‘replay’, the catastrophe tune; pay the money, impoverish your homes, save the world. And thank you for your donation …

They are not ignorant of the scientific data: on the contrary, they seem to have harnessed it. They have read the research of genuine geologists and the plethora of other scientists whose field of expertise criss-crosses the subject, presenting what they call a ‘wicked’ challenge. Wicked in this context is a synonym for super complex. But one of the key facts about carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that is relevant to global warming is that the concentration of the gas increases, about 800 years after any warming period, as shown in ice cores. It has not been shown that CO2 drives warming.

But if you could convince the world that it does, you could keep spinning your fake story forever, because nothing the world does in trying to limit warming by reducing carbon dioxide emissions will have the desired effect. But it will make a big difference to the political and economic environment of the planet. Spurred on by the pandemic as an opportunity for a Great Reset, the Klaus Schwabs of this world might have been encouraged by the famous dictum of old Joe Goebbels: ‘If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself.’ No wonder he was the propaganda master of the Third Reich. Climate change was wrapped inside what is planned as a political revolution in which “You will own nothing and you will be happy”. And the threat of disasters from ‘climate change’ will keep you in line ….

You could say that the ‘repeat lie’ about climate change is like The Magic Pudding, Norman Lindsay’s famous Australian children’s story about a pudding called Albert that reforms himself no matter how often he is eaten. But have Prince Charles and Time magazine plonked a time limit on the life of the big lie, with their assertions that COP26 is the ‘last chance saloon’ and the ‘last call’? Will there not be COP 27?Will the ‘last call’ become the ‘last, last call’?




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  1. Peter Versi says:

    Does anyone remember Y2K ? When the calendar built into all computers reached midnight 1999 ., the end of the world, as we knew it then, would occur ! All the world’s computers would crash and the information stored upon them would be lost forever. The system at that time , had no I CLOUD storage facility so, we all believed the worst ! Does anyone actually know how we survived such a calamity ? No? We survived because it was not real ! Mega bucks $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ were made by the perpetrators of this fraud. I watch the same waves crash onto the same beaches as they have for the past 50 yrs and i still stand on the same strip of sand . There is no change ! Unless of course we refer to storm damage , the beaches and bays look exactly the same . America is in the middle of a storm however which could engulf the whole world . A storm of gredd and corruption , the likes of which we have never seen before. Mega Bucks $$$$$$$$$$$$ are being made once again by the perpetrators of the new lie . The new lie though has no time limit to manifest , therefore the lie will continue for many years to come . Protect the planet by using humanity’s incredible ingenuity and even if there is no real threat , by all means look for ways for humanity not to have a negative effect on our environment. But don’t sell lies and fear. What is really under threat is our freedoms , hard won by generations of brave men and women . The American Constitution is under siege ! Do many of us in Australia know what an incredible and important document it is . It spells out so many of the thing for which we aspire for ourselves and our children . Freedom of speech, religion , the press , freedom of assembly and the freedom to petition for just causes . In fact ,the first 10 amendments to the constitution ,make up the bill of rights.
    The above represents just the first of 10. The American Declaration of Independence
    finishes with some words worth remembering for it was written by the greatest of men . It says …..” And for the support of this declaration ,with a firm reliance on the protection of the DIVINE PROVIDENCE , we mutually pledge to each other OUR LIVES , OUR FORTUNES , and OUR SACRED HONOUR. ” To me , this means that if all we believe in , is ourselves , our greed and our self interest will take over , and there will be no moral compass. Kind Regards PV

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