‘Mean girls’ infer Kimberley Kitching was a liar

Andrew L. Urban

The ‘mean girls’ denying the late Kimberley Kitching’s well documented allegations of bullying is tantamount to calling her a liar – and a scheming one at that.

With a letter to Labor frontbencher Richard Marles, letters to others and complaints to family and friends detailing the bullying to which she was subjected over many months, Kimberley Kitching has spent a lot of time and effort building her case, if the mean girls’ denials are to be believed.

Labor was huffing and puffing how talking about the case before the funeral was disrespectful. What slime. What is really disrespectful is smearing Kitching with the coward’s defence: denial without supporting evidence.

The mean girls as Kitching labelled Penny Wong, Kristina Keneally and Katy Gallagher, have made a bad day in politics even worse. They will suffer the Lady Macbeth curse, hands never cleansed.

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  1. Garry Stannus says:

    A view contrary to the above is published in ‘Crikey Worm’. It is prefaced thus:

    The true story of Kimberley Kitching and the Labor gang
    Guy Rundle, Correspondent-at-large
    “If I don’t believe Kitching’s claim she was being impacted by the factional conflict she was involved in, it’s because there is an established record of her being a strategic liar and of misusing official procedures, and good evidence of personal corruption.

    “This is all without considering Kitching’s knowledge of her husband’s financial chaos, and his sudden sojourn to Costa Rica — an event which she presented as a complete surprise to her, something no one has ever believed for a second. This must, as they say in court, go to character. Or lack thereof.”

    The rest of Rundle’s article fleshes out those quotes. In my view, it is worth reading:

    https://www.crikey.com.au/2022/03/21/the-true-story-of-kimberley-kitching-and-the-labor-gang/ (Crikey is by subscription)

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