Democracy or Minocracy?

Andrew L. Urban

If democracy is defined by majority rule, Australia is not a democracy; it’s a minocracy. The current Labour Government attracted less than 33% of the primary vote nationally at the 2022 election, the lowest since 1934. While the coalition vote also fell heavily (largely thanks to a hapless Liberal party), at around 35% it was still higher than Labour’s. That’s 68% of the primary votes between them.

Thanks to Australia’s preferential voting system, it was minority parties that increased their parliamentary power (a miracle snatched from the combined notional 32% balance): the Greens picked up three new seats in the House of Representatives, and “Teal Independents,” won six seats. So these three minorities – Labour, Greens, Teals – can club together to have a grip on the levers of power. Gives new meaning to Paul Keating’s famous put-down of the Senate as “unrepresentative swill”…

(Minority representation in parliament also increased for Aboriginals, with a percentage of representation at 4%, 33% higher than the 3% in the population.)

The coming NSW State election on March 25 may well reflect the same trend.

But away from political parties, the strange death of democracy (to misquote Douglas Murray) is exemplified and multiplied by the power of loud and active minorities in socio-political areas. The social engineering that has seen same sex marriage, diversity in all its glorious colours, a race-based world view and the demands of transgender mini-minorities (where in women’s sports, a minority of biological men shamelessly compete with biological women), play out daily on public platforms. And with increasing aggression.

Acceptance of minorities as reflected by inclusionary attitudes has been inflated to acclaim and coercion. Remember how Qantas marked passengers with signs to denote ‘right-think’ on same sex marriage? In concert with government? And how some banks knock back customers investing in mining?  In concert with government?  It is no longer enough to be equal participants in our democracy: minorities and their interests must rule. Or more precisely, over-rule the majority’s interests.

“The end of democracy and the defeat of the American Revolution will occur when government falls into the hands of lending institutions and moneyed corporations.” Thomas Jefferson, 1816

White heterosexual males are not a minority; yet they have been effectively demoted and demonised by actual minorities in political platforms, by media bias (eg sexual assault complaints), via engineered social mores and woke bureaucratic mandates.

Perhaps the most troubling and dangerous infestations of minority rule are those showcased on the university campus, historically the home of revolutions fighting for freedom of speech. But that’s the past. Suppression of conservative speech is de rigeur these days. Thus a misguided enclave of inexperienced and mentally immature, largely conceited youth, hold sway over who can speak and what they can say. The fact that these feckless students seem to be in the campus majority does not reassure me at all, since they are repressing not protecting free speech.

All this feeds into and drives dreaded cancel culture, ‘cancer culture’ more aptly, attempting to impose strident anti-democratic values on society. By turn, imposing unwanted social standards or political views foments resentment – the unwanted consequence of self-satisfied moralising, of being so sure you are right and won’t consider any alternative views..

Consider, too, the consequences of a Voice to parliament that would inject minority power of 3% of the population into the arteries of parliament. According to Chris Merritt, Vice President of the Rule of Law Institute, that would be “destroying the concept of equality of citizenship”.











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3 Responses to Democracy or Minocracy?

  1. Pv says:

    I have no gripe against any minority. I don’t hate gays or lesbians or any component of lgbt. ! Yet I hate what they represent . Special treatment at the expense of others ! I’m a white old man , so I must be bad. Who’s advocating extra care for me , so I don’t become a persecuted minority. No one ! I came here from Italy in 1956. As a seven year old I was called a filthy wog. My parents suffered all sorts of indignity . My mother cried. ! I’ve received no Blanket apology from a prime minister for what we had to endure. I can’t blame todays generations as they did not exist at the time. Just as Aboriginals can’t blame everyone in white skin for what happened 100 plus years ago. Otherwise we should persecute Japanese children for the sins of their Grandfather. Absurd ! This country is heading the way of the US . I don’t know about the morals of others , but the oppression I suffered does not excuse me if I was to act the same way ! Black Americans in the past have suffered. No doubt , but that is no excuse for trying to inflict pain to someone who is white and therefore represents the oppressor of your ancestors . Based on that you could be killing Jesus. I don’t like our current world . We are supposed to spend our lives learning and growing in our hearts and souls. We have gone so far backwards in just a few short year. I aim to look after my family and advance the common good. Not divide us by any measure. Pv

  2. Pv says:

    Hi Andrew, A system which delivers Derryn Hinch as a Senator with a few percent of the vote is just a little flawed . Don’t you think. ? While I too am eager to see acts of sexual impropriety , especially against minors , I can also say that Hinchs agenda was singular to that and only that. He introduced the law which requires police permission for someone convicted of any sex crime who has served his time , before he can go overseas , to see family or any other reason . Firstly deportation was suggested and now , you can’t go without permission . A murderer or perpetrator of violent assault can go without question but not a fool who touched allegedly a girls backside. I say allegedly because I believe that at least half of all convictions in these matters are false. But of course every woman must be believed. I want to start a list of women and men who falsely accused and I want all false accusers to go to jail for perjury . They life they ruin with their false claims should be their own. I know of only one conviction of a woman making false allegations and even that would not have happened if it had not been for an honest female detective who saw the lie and acted upon it. But not before the accused spent 9 months in Goulburn jail and his family lost their home. Congratulations Mr Hinch . I heard a woman who knows you , call you a sleaze. Perhaps we should investigate. ! Don’t let one person dictate to the majority because you need his vote. Advance Australia Unfair.

    • andrew says:

      The fundamental problem with any provision that restricts post-incarceration freedoms is that it denies the possibility of wrongful convictions in their area of the criminal law. That means that persons wrongfully convicted suffer a further punishment. And we know full well that the legal system produces wrongful convictions … including in the area of pedophilia, which are especially difficult to appeal and to correct.

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