The real reason behind our climate and energy policies – Malcolm Roberts

In a video speech of less than 11 minutes, at the 2023 Climate and Energy Forum held on February 2, 2023, in Sydney, Queensland Senator Malcolm Roberts kicked the science crutch out from under the political imperative of the damaging climate and energy policies that saddle Australia with much economic pain for no benefit at all.

The video and the full transcript are available HERE. Among the key points Roberts made: “When I repeatedly asked the Morrison government’s Senate Leader, Matthias Cormann for the logical scientific points supporting climate and energy policies he repeatedly failed to answer my question and instead stated a need to fulfil international commitments and obligations. This is no basis for policy that is costing Australians billions of dollars and will cost trillions of dollars.

“Matthias Cormann was actually being honest here. Australia is introducing Climate Change Armageddon NOT because of the science. Instead, because unelected, unaccountable foreign bureaucrats serving the interests of the world’s predatory billionaires are instructing our governments.”

Roberts also told the Forum that “The CSIRO, the Bureau of Meteorology, government departments and Ministers have failed to provide logical scientific arguments citing empirical data and observations proving that carbon dioxide from human activity is causing environmental harm.”

“After years in Parliament spent writing letters, making speeches, asking questions in Question Time and Senate Estimates of CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology “scientists”, one thing is now clear:

They have no scientific argument to support the failed theory of man-made climate change.

They have no data to show humans are causing climate change, and of course they won’t because climate varies in natural cycles.

“Last September I made an 82-page submission to Labour’s 2022 Climate Change Bill.

That paper is on my website. Today I’ll mention the most important points:

  • CSIRO admitted that it has never stated that carbon dioxide from human activity is a danger. Statements of danger came from politicians;
  • CSIRO has never quantified any specific impact of carbon dioxide from human activity on any climate or weather variables, such as temperature, rainfall, droughts, floods, storms, ocean alkalinity. Yet this is fundamental for climate and energy policy. There’s no scientific basis for climate policies;
  • CSIRO admits to not doing due diligence on data or reports it relied upon from external agencies;
  • CSIRO admitted that today’s temperatures are not unprecedented. They’ve occurred before;
  • CSIRO then claimed unprecedented rate of temperature rise, which we destroyed using the papers CSIRO itself cited;
  • CSIRO has failed to provide statistically significant evidence of change in any climate factor. It’s just normal, natural cyclical variability.

“The Climate Change scam is not scientifically driven. There is no science. It’s politically driven.”




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