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Kim Slater: How I became involved in newDemocracy

Kim Slater is the Principal of County Securities. He runs a Sydney boutique financial advisory firm and is a recent donor and supporter of the newDemocracy Foundation. This letter first appeared in the newDemocracy Foundation Newsletter, January 23, 2015 and … Continue reading

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Henry Keogh: forensic evidence withheld by the Crown

“ … we conclude that the applicant has established that a substantial miscarriage of justice has occurred.” Andrew L. Urban reports. When Henry Keogh walked out of jail just in time for Christmas 2014, he had served 10 extra years … Continue reading

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Fighting terrorism – the missing link

Invite senior Muslims to the secular world leaders’ microphone, says Andrew L. Urban.   When President Barack Obama of the US and Prime Minister David Cameron of the UK stood shoulder to shoulder at the White House to announce a joint … Continue reading

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Not offended, insulted – laughing

By Andrew L. Urban I can claim to have interviewed someone from perhaps the smallest and potentially most vulnerable minority group in contempo Australia: a club footed black dyke. Rachel was a delightful interview subject and anything but a victim. … Continue reading

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Islam has given birth to monsters – Muslim philosopher

In an open letter* to the Muslim world, nothing short of a shattering indictment, French Muslim philosopher Abdennour Bidar writes that Islam has given birth to monsters and needs reform – from within. Excerpts edited by Andrew L. Urban. “Where … Continue reading

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From dictatorship to democracy – weapons of non-violent revolution

By Andrew L. Urban Nobel Peace Prize nominee Gene Sharp has listed 198 ‘weapons’ that can be used in non-violent revolutions. And he’s adamant that they should indeed be considered weapons and that non-violent revolution is not for sissies. Nor … Continue reading

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