Mueller’s poisoned chalice

Andrew L. Urban.

I mean, how would you feel, having spent almost two years and over $30 million dollars (US), trying to prove that Donald Trump’s campaign was actively (somehow illegally) colluding with Vladimir Putin and his team of spies to shift the votes in Trump’s favour in the 2016 Presidential election … and you just couldn’t get a single gun to smoke? Desperate, I think.

How’d you feel if you were Robert Mueller, with the expectations of half the country and all the Dimocrats (also known as the Democrats) salivating at the prospect of doing gotcha on TV 24/7, yet if all you could deliver is a ‘dog ate my report’ paper, fluffed up with lots of insinuations, long sentences in Counsel-speak and using the word Russia, but no substance.

Robert Mueller, Special Counsel and whizz bang blood hound for the Democrats, is no doubt fretting that he is going to look hapless. That’s why he is taking so long, hoping something will turn up, and in the meantime looking busy. It’s no help that his team of Democratic donkeys are Clinton donors but even these badass lawyers can’t point the bone at Trump. It looks like the hunter had no real prey; it was all projection. Projection of what the Dems themselves did. Talk about a poisoned chalice.

So he must be inventive and generate as much noise as possible over anyone with a link to Trump. Age old tax transgressions, lying to the investigators, hush money to porn stars… Anything will do, if it looks like his team has discovered something…anything to justify the angst and the expense, the spasm of rightousness that Democrats call an investigation.

I anticipate a massive report, hundreds of pages, maybe thousands, throwing everything but the kitchen sink at the Trump team, but ultimately it will be seen as much hat, no cattle.

And then … and then … when this one is over, a new probe begins. This time the Republicans take a look into the 2016 Clinton campaign and her deals with the Russians. A new Special Counsel is appointed: Darth Vader?

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